Publication Issue: Vol 81: Nov/Dec 19

Issue Publication Date: 31 December 2019


Implementation of Multi-object Recognition Algorithm Using Enhanced R-CNN

Hyochang Ahn, June-Hwan Lee, Han-Jin Cho

01 - 08 |

An Examination on Competitiveness Analysis of Huawei Enterprise

Jin-Hee Kim, Myeong-Cheol Choi

35 - 41 |

A Semantic Classification of Images by Predicting Emotional Concepts from Visual Features

Tamil Priya.D, Divya Udayan.J

42 - 70 |

Tensile strength improvement of FDMed ABS parts by a WIP heat treatment

Seong Je Park, Yong son, Il HyukAhn

78 - 85 |

Examination of led lighting and lighting control system for night media theme park

You-Suk Kim, Eun-Seo Song, Sung-Dae Hong

99 - 105 |

A Design of Data Processing Applications Based on Micro-service Architecture for Wearable Robot Platforms

Yoon-Jae Chae, Yoon-Young Park, Kyung-Oh Lee, Se-Yeob Kim, Ho-Won Lee

106 - 113 |

A Quantitative Evaluation of Website Transparency

Ishaku Liti Awalu, Park Hung Kook

125 - 136 |

An Examination on the Independent Micro-Grid Operation Algorithm for DC based Industrial Complex

Jong-cheol Kim, Chun-Sung Kim, Yu-Kyeong Lee, Sung-Jun Park, Jae-ha Ko

148 - 155 |

The Influence of Servicescape and Human Service of Exhibition on the Visitor’s Flow and Revisit Intention

Song-Heui Oh, Jai-Woo Oh, Jae-Young Park

165 - 172 |

An Examination on Improvement of Tracking Accuracy of Solar Tracking System

Sun-Pil Kwon, Byoung-Jo Jung

183 - 188 |

Development of the IoT-Based Home Condition Monitoring System for the Estimation of Abnormal Location and the Evaluation of Electrical Safety grade

Seung-Taek Lim, Ki-Yeon Lee, Dong-Woo Kim, Young-Bae Lim, In-Ho Ryu

189 - 198 |

An Examination on Retrofit LED Lighting using Cobra Structure

Kyung-Sun Yoo, Eun-Hye Kim, Dong-Hoon Hyun, Byoung-Jo Jung

211 - 220 |

A New Laser Scan Method for Microstructural Control in Selective Laser Melting Process

Yong Son, Hyung Giun Kim, Seung Ki Moon, Il Hyuk Ahn

221 - 226 |

Implement and Design an Efficient Structure of the Monitoring System in Disaster Situation

Ji-Bum Jung, Yoon-Young Park, Se-Yeob Kim, Ngo Hai Linh, Ho-Won Lee

227 - 235 |

Development of OCR-based Applications to Improve Inventory Management

Min-Seok Seo, Jae-Min Lee, So-Yeol Lee, Dong-Geol Choi

236 - 244 |

An Examination on Motion Planning for Mobile Robot using Deep Q-learning with RPLidar Sensor

Manh Luong Tien, Yoon Young Park, Se-Yeob Kim, Linh H.Ngo

245 - 251 |

An Examination on Improving WEDM and Vacuum Brazing Process Failure of PCD Tool

Sun-Pil Kwon, Byoung-Jo Jung

252 - 261 |

An Examination on the Location of the Victims in a Disaster Situation and How to Construct a Dynamic Map

Joong-Eup Kye, Se-Yeob Kim, Yoon-Young Park, Ngo-Hai Linh, Manh Luong-Tien

262 - 267 |

An Examination on the Power Control by Load Following of Nuclear Generator

Hyun-Chul Lee, Young-Gi Roh, Byoung-Jo Jung

275 - 281 |

AIDS's Drugs Quantification and Surveillance Using Deep Learning

Hadab Khalid Obayes, Nabeel Al – A'araji, Eman AL-Shamery

282 - 290 |

Establishment on Guidelines for Prohibiting TV Home Shopping

Gwang Jae-Kim, Ok Ki-Lee

360 - 368 |

Operation Algorithm of DC-based Power Sharing Micro Grid for Industrial Complex

Chun-Sung Kim, Jong-cheol Kim, Hyun-ju Oh, Sung-Jun Park, Jae-ha Ko

422 - 428 |

Priority analysis of location factors for Food Service Store

Choongsoo Lee

429 - 435 |

Examination on the Trend of Researches on Absorptive Capacity using Text Mining Technique

Eun- MiPark, Joung-Hae Seo

448 - 457 |

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Impacts Online Shopping Mall Marketing

JuSung Kim, Sangbok Lee

458 - 466 |

The Influences of COO and Product Features on Brand Belief Depend on Its Country Image: Korean vs. Mongolian

Gantuya Narantuya, Gwi-Gon Kim, Enkhjargal Dalaibaatar, Oyunchimeg Luvsandavaajav

467 - 482 |

What Factors of Consultant Make the SMEs Receive the Consultation?

Hui-Joo Jeong, Gwi-Gon Kim

516 - 529 |

An Examination on the Development Strategy of ‘’ Enterprise

Xian-Fa Shang, Myeong-Cheol Choi

538 - 544 |

Color Perception and Its Application with Big Data Driven Examination

Seung Hyun Oh, Jinwha Kim

545 - 556 |

Development of a Co-Use Welding Jig for Shock-absorber Parts

Dong Joo-Shin, Seong Ryong-Song, Hoyeon Chung

566 - 574 |

Study of Conflict Management Skills: A Bridge between Multiple System for Meeting Industrial Excellence

Fathul Aminudin Aziz, Phong Thanh Nguyen, Quyen Le Hoang Thuy To Nguyen, Vy Dang Bich Huynh, K. Shankar

575 - 578 |

Mode I SIFs for internal and external surface semi-elliptical crack located on a thin cylinder

O M Fakhri, A K Kareem, A E Ismail, S Jamian, Mohammed Najeh Nemah

586 - 596 |

Izod Impact Behaviour of Polymer Composite Solid Waste Disposal with Epoxy-Matrix

Muhammad Haikal Mohd Fodzi, Noraini Marsi, Anika Zafiah Mohd Rus, Nik Normunira Mat Hassan, Salwa Mahmood, Nur Athirah Huzaisham, Rupashinii Thana Singam

607 - 612 |

Probability-based Crossover and Mutation in Genetic Algorithms for Vibration-based Damage Detection in Plates

P Jeenkour, S Jiamworanunkul, P Chomcheon, K Boonlong

613 - 621 |

Assessing helicopter main rotor blade critical area using blade element theory in the cases of forward speed and blade collective pitch angle increments

Mohd Fauzi Yaakub, Siti Juita Mastura Mohd Saleh, Aslam Abdullah, Nik Ahmad Ridhwan Nik Mohd, Mohammad Fahmi Pairan

622 - 631 |

Existing Stent Design Under Combined Loading: An Investigation research

Abdul Fattah Mat Beyi, Al Emran Ismail

632 - 638 |

Development of a Campus Carbon Footprint Intervention Framework

J P Ng, E U Olugu, S N Wahab

639 - 648 |

A Hybrid Haptic Feedback Stimulation Prosthetic Device to Recover the Missing Sensation of Upper Extremity Amputees

Mohammed Najeh Nemah, Cheng Yee Low, Annisabinti Jamali, Shahrol Mohamaddan, A. K. Kareem, O M Fakhri

649 - 665 |

Semantic Knowledge Management for Herbal Medicines Used in Primary Health Care

Nattapong Kaewboonma, Wirapong Chansanam, Panupong Puttarak, Thanakorn Damsud

666 - 671 |

Effect of Rice Husk Ash on Tensile Strength of Polymer Composites Reinforced Kenaf Fiber

Mohd Fairuz Alias, Mohammad Sukri Mustapa, Nur Azam Badarulzaman, Idayu Nasir, Thariq Hameed Sultan, Noradila Abdul Latif

672 - 678 |

Critical Success Factors Maintenance Strategy in Industry for Technical Vocational Education Training Institute

Razni Khalid, Mohd Yusof Md Daud, Ahmad Jusoh

679 - 688 |

Justification and Judgement to Corrosion Issues for Anode Selections on Navy ships

Azzura Ismail, Khairulnizam Said

695 - 703 |

Mechanisms and Treatment of Femoropoplitealin-Stent Restenosis

A K Kareem, O M Fakhri, A E Ismail, Ishkrizat Taib, Mohammed Najeh Nemah

704 - 718 |

Influence of Geometric Shape on the Deformation Performance of Natural Jute/Epoxy Specimens under Axial Quasi-Static Compression

Sabah Salim Hamza, Mohd. Yuhazri Yaakob, AL Emran Bin Ismail, Salih Meri Al Absi

719 - 732 |

An Investigational Research of Spray Pattern for Deflector Flat Spray Nozzle using Horizontal Patternator

M.F. Sies, M. Zikril Hakim, M. Rasidi Pairan, M.A. Madlan, H. Zakaria

733 - 740 |

The effect of pH condition on Zinc Oxide growth fabrication using Flexible Substrate

Yogendren Nagarajan, Novin Kumar Vijayan, Ainun Rahmahwati Ainuddin, Rosniza Hussin

741 - 746 |

The Efficiency of Dentifrice Abrasive Particles under Different Tooth-brushing Parameter

S H Sanusi, N Z Z Zam, Zaleha Mohamad, Fazimah Mat Noor, A Lajis

747 - 752 |

Measuring Performance of Distance-based Regression for Skewed Data

Nor Hisham Haron, Nor Aishah Ahad, Nor Idayu Mahat

783 - 788 |

Centered Fan Field Region under Wedge Indentation by Numerical Solution Method

Syafikahbinti Ayob, Nor Alisa binti Mohd Damanhuri

789 - 793 |

Probability of Lot Acceptance for Two-Sided Chain Sampling Strategy based on Exponential Distribution

Mohd Azri Pawan Teh, Amira Athira Razali, Nazrina Aziz

794 - 799 |

An Assessment for the Predicting of Road Embankment Stability with Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Rufaizal Che Mamat, Anuar Kasa, Siti Fatin Mohd Razali

800- 811 |

Service Quality, Satisfaction, and Customer Loyalty in Peer to Peer Lodging in Malaysia

Haziman bin Zakaria, Diyana Kamarudin, Wan Khairul Anwar Wan Abd Manan

812 - 818 |

Influential Water Quality Parameter in Juru River Basin using PCA

Basharoh Abdul Karim, Shamshuritawati Sharif, Haslina Zakaria, Tun Mohd Firdaus Azis

819 - 825 |

Investigating the Air Pollutants Contaminants using a Statistical Technique

Haslina Zakaria, Shamshuritawati Sharif, Basharoh Abdul Karim, Tun Mohd Firdaus Azis

826 - 831 |

M-factors Fuzzy Time Series for Forecasting Stock Price Movement

Rosnalini Mansor, Maznah Mat Kasim, Mahmod Othman, Bahtiar Jamili Zaini, Norhayati Yusof

832 - 838 |

Can Project Managers’ Emotional Intelligence Contribute to the Success of Construction Projects?

Abdul Ghafur Hanafiand, Mohd Nasrun Mohd Nawi

839 - 849 |

The New Quality Trilogy: Basic Understanding & Concepts

Mohd Saiful Izwaan Saadon, Mohamad Rosni Othman, Dina Azleema Mohamed Nor, Zainol Mustafa, Khairul Anuar Mohd Ali, Tan Owee Kowang

850 - 857 |

Particle Swarm Optimization of Multi-Linear Regression for Evapotranspiration Estimation Model

Nor Farah Atiqah Ahmad, Sobri Harun, Haza Nuzly Abdull Hamed

858- 866 |

The Long Road to Sustainable Tunnelling Works in the Malaysian Construction Industry: The Past, Present and Future

Nur Fatin Syazwani Abu Bakar, Syuhaida Ismail, Rohayah Che Amat

867 - 875 |

Humidity Responsivity of PMMA Microfiber knot Resonator Coated with ZnO Nanorods

N. F. Razak, N. Irawati, N. Daud

876 - 881 |

High Performing Team Characteristics for Malaysian Oil and Gas Construction Projects

Davendren Vereya, Syuhaida Ismail

882 - 894 |

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange – A State of Implementation Appraisal and Perspectives

Abdul Rani Achmed Abdullah, Syuhaida Ismail, Mohamad Syazli Fathi, Siti Zura A. Jalil

895 - 902 |

Stakeholders’ Role in Ensuring Success of Entrepreneurship Education in Engineering Curriculum in Malaysia

Chee Latt See, Syuhaida Ismail, Mohamad Syazli Fathi, Habibah Norehan Haron, Sya Azmeela Shariff

903 - 914 |

Present Knowledge and Future Direction for Risk Management in Offshore Oil and Gas Project

Noraziman Tukiman, Syuhaida Ismail, Shamsul Sarip

915 - 927 |

Trend on the Usage of Technology and Road Accident: An Examination Study

S. H. Harith, N. Mahmud

938 - 948 |

SLAM-based Laser Scanning for 3D Reconstruction

Jie Gao, Hao Fan, Jun Yu Dong, Shu Zhang, Lin Qi, Hui Yu

949 - 955 |

Different Feature Representation for Fake Fingerprint Classification

Asraful Syifaa’ Ahmad, Rohayanti Hassan, Shahreen Kasim, Rohaizan Ramlan

956 - 963 |

Mobile Intelligent Web Pre-fetching Scheme for Cloud Computing Services in Industrial Revolution 4.0

Nur Syahela Hussien, Abdulaziz Aborujilah, Sarina Sulaiman

964 - 971 |

Effects of Extraction Methods on Total Phenolic and Flavonoid Contents and Antioxidant Activity of Barlerialupulina Lindl

Ismail-Suhaimy N.W, Abd Gani S.S, Zaidan U.H, Halmi M.I.E, Bawon P

980 - 986 |

Reconstructive and Innovation of Local Subject in Daily Life towards Extended Replica

Hawari Berahim, Muhammad Abdullah, Firdaus Naif Omran Zailuddin, Arief Dateom

987 - 995 |

How Smart can a City Be? Conceptual Framework for Kampung Bharu, Kuala Lumpur

Munirah Musa, Muhammad Fahmi Ikhwan, Wan Nurul Mardiah Wan Mohd Rani, Khairul Hisyam Kamaruddin, Tuti Haryati Jasimin

996 - 1003 |

The Origin of Malay Royal Town Concept of Urban Form

Sharyzee Mohmad Shukri, Mohammad Hussaini Wahab

1004 - 1013 |

Internet Shopping: How the Consumer Purchase Behaviour is Impacted by Risk Perception

Nik Alif Amri Nik Hashim, Shah Iskandar Fahmie Ramlee, Abdullah Muhammed Yusoff, Normaizana Mat Nawi, Zaimatul Awang, Siti Afiqah Zainuddin, Tahirah Abdullah, Ghazali Ahmad, Marlisa Abdul Rahim, Boyd Sun Fatt

1014 - 1021 |

Disintermediation Threat: How and What Strategies are Used by Traditional Travel Agency to Survive?

Nik Alif Amri Nik Hashim et al.

1022 - 1031 |

The Acceptance Level of Digital Natives towards the Interactive Kiosk in the Museum: Tam-Based Research Instrument

Mohd Nasiruddin Abdul Aziz, Siti Norlizaiha Harun, Mohd Khairi Baharom, Mohd Khairulnizam Ramlie, Ahmad Sofiyuddin Mohd Shuib

1032 - 1044 |

Cost Overrun in Residential Construction Project in Malaysia: Causes and Improvement Measures

Syafika Artika Rahim, Syuhaida Ismail, Abd Latif Saleh

1045- 1052 |

Exploring Technology Characteristics as Antecedents of Technostress with Hrmis in Government Agencies of Malaysia: A Mixed-Method Research

Hadziroh Ibrahim, Faridahwati Mohd Shamsudin, Yusliza Mohd Yusoff, Md. Lazim Mohd Zin

1053 - 1065 |

Mechanical Properties of Seashell Structure under Different Drying Temperature

Ranjhini Anpalagan, Kamarul Azhar Kamarudin, Muhammad Iqbal Haikal Roslan, Mohamed Nasrul Mohamed Hatta

1066- 1070 |

The Characterization of Eggshell Waste by using Polymeric Foam Replication Method

Zaleha Mohamad, Kamal Roslan, Nur Saadah Zainal, Fazimah Mat Noor, Al Emran Ismail, Shahmir Hayyan

1071- 1079 |

Study of Green Marketing: An Environmental Friendly Approach of Business Management

Yusniar Lubis, Phong Thanh Nguyen, Quyen Le Hoang ThuyTo Nguyen, Vy Dang Bich Huynh, Tomy Fitrio

1080 - 1085 |

Study of Sales Management Process, Strategies and Resources to Effectively Produce the Desired Objective

Ana Rusmardiana, Phong Thanh Nguyen, Quyen Le Hoang ThuyTo Nguyen, Vy Dang Bich Huynh, K. Shankar

1086 - 1090 |

Substantial Interest of Business Intelligence: An Implementation Approach for used in Practice

Syaifuddin ., Phong Thanh Nguyen, Quyen Le Hoang Thuy To Nguyen, Vy Dang Bich Huynh, K. Shankar

1091- 1095 |

Total Productive Maintenance for Increasing the Performance of Equipments and Strategies in Business Development

Prety Diawati, Phong Thanh Nguyen, Quyen Le Hoang Thuy To Nguyen, Vy Dang Bich Huynh, Ali Zaenal Abidin

1096- 1101 |

Addressing the Blockages of Education and Culture Development

Indrya Mulyaningsih, Zalik Nuryana, Ike Sylvia, Casmudi ., Farid Haluti

1102 - 1106 |

Automatic Document Clustering and Indexing of Multiple Documents Using KNMF for Feature Extraction through HADOOP and LUCENE on Big Data

E.Laxmi Lydia, N. Sharmili, Phong Thanh Nguyen, Wahidah Hashim, Andino Maseleno

1107 - 1130 |

Meeting Industrial strategic requirements with the use of Knowledge Management Tools

Eka Desy Purnama, Phong Thanh Nguyen, Quyen Le Hoang Thuy To Nguyen, Vy Dang Bich Huynh, Ismail Suardi Wekke

1131 - 1135 |

Framework Development for the Development of Mobile Commerce Applications

Anggun Tyas Prasasti et al.

1136 - 1145 |

The Application System to Know the Attendance List

Viska Ardini Lestari et al.

1146 - 1154 |

The E-Commerce Sales Application of Brick

Anita Mirzana et al.

1155 - 1163 |

The Doll Store Online Shop Application

Desta Restu Pertiwi et al.

1164 - 1171 |

E-Government Design for Sub-District in Public Service Improvements

Aldiyo Romadhoni et al.

1172 - 1183 |

Online Optical Shop Application

Erik Firnando et al.

1184 - 1191 |

Web-Based Sales Information Systems in Cellular Shop

Ivan Bastian et al.

1192 - 1201 |

Information Systems of New Student Admission

Zidhan Saputra et al.

1202 - 1212 |

Web-Based E-Commerce Ticket and Tour Package

Debi Erwanto et al.

1213 - 1223 |

Web-Based Information System for Furniture Sale

Rian Andri Yandi et al.

1224 - 1230 |

Virtual Classroom in IT Services Industry: A Literature Perspective

Swati Das, Prof. Sanjay Mohapatra

1231 - 1240 |

An Empirical Study of Product Design for New Product Development with Special Reference to Indian Mobile Industry

Dr. Vipin Jain, Dr. Chanchal Chawla, Dr. Satyendra Arya, Dr. Rachit Agarwal, Dr. Manoj Agarwal

1241 - 1254 |

Comparison of Retrofitting Techniques for Improving LVRT Capability of Variable Speed Wind Turbine Employing SCIG

Preethi Sebastian, Sasidharan Sreedharan, Usha Nair

1255 - 1265 |

Perspectives of Young Adolescents towards Ancient Mythology and Modern Myth-Fiction

Suganthi Medasani, Dr B. Cauveri

1266 - 1271 |

An Enigmatic Depiction of Women Stereotype in Harold Pinter’s the Birthday Party and the Homecoming

Mudasir Ahmad Mir, Professor Vinita Mohindra

1272 - 1279 |

Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Framework for the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles

Ms. Garima Panwar, Mr. Raj Anjani kumar Varma

1280 - 1291 |

Intellectual Property Financing: Collateralizing a Trademark in India

Murielle Rodrigues, Dr. Rupal Rautdesai, Ujwal Prabhakar Nandekar

1292 - 1305 |

Free Market Feminism and Breaking Stereotypes: From Four More Shots to Kabir Singh

Dr. Manika Kamthan, Vandini Sharma

1306 – 1309 |

Mergers and Acquisitions in the Telecom Sector: A Contribution to Indian Economy

Shreya Mishra, Nagesh Sawant

1310 – 1314 |

New Method to Activate the Cognitive Process

Musinov Sobir, Abdukarimov Abdunabi, Abdukarimova Khadicha Rabimovna

1315 - 1328 |

Decision Support System Using TOPSIS Algorithm for Teacher Selection

Alfian Erwinsyah, Jacky Chin, Wiwik Pratiwi, Amalia Rizki Pautina, Asriyati Nadjamuddin

1329 – 1332 |

Model Dinar and Dirham Digital Currency for Islamic Commercial Transaction

M. Ruslianor Maika, Fidiana Fidiana, Irwan Alnarus Kautsar

1333 – 1342 |

Harmony of Morals and Rights in Formation of Spirituality of Civil Society

Mukhamedzhanova Lalikhon Ashuraliyevna, Nishonova Ozoda Djalalitdinovna, Kadirova Dilbar Salikhovna, Agzamova Nilyufar Shukhratovna, Tukhtaev Khakim Primovich, Topildiyev Vokhidjon Rahimjonovich

1351 - 1355 |

Features of the Historical Topography of the City of Bukhara

Jurayeva Nafisa Olimovna

1356 - 1360 |

Psychological Factors Affecting Consumer’s Adoption of Health Apps for Enhanced Healthcare Management

Prachi Verma, Satinder Kumar, Sanjeev K. Sharma

1372 - 1382 |

Fractional Cross Product Applied inRadiation Characteristic of Micro-strip Antenna: A simulation Approach

Suchana Mishra, Rabindra Kishore Mishra, Srikanta Patnaik

1392 - 1401 |

Intention to Adoptict in Farming: An Empirical Analysis using Technology Acceptance Model

A Nagabhushna, Dr. M Siva Koti Reddy

1410 - 1416 |

Factors Affecting the Implementation and Adoption of ERP: A Statistical Study

Budde. Srinivasa Rao, Dr.B. Srinivasa Rao

1417 - 1422 |

A Study on the Perceived Usefulness of Debit and Credit Cards – Am Empirical Analysis

Dr. Ch. Hymavathi, Dr. O. Ravi Sankar

1423 - 1432 |

Adoption of E-Commerce in Small Business A Paradigm Shifts: An Empirical Analysis

M. Ramu, Dr. Ch. Hymavathi

1433- 1441 |

The Influential Factors for Analytical Competencies of Employees: An Empirical Examination

MS Kishan Varma, Dr. Kalpana Koneru

1442 - 1448 |

Do Employee Performance effects by Organicational Culture? An Inferential Analysis

Ms. Neelima Jasthi, Dr. Kalpana Koneru

1449 - 1455 |

Message Source Dimensions on Purchase Intention: An Empirical Analysis

Mr. S. Sudhir

1456 - 1462 |

Effectiveness of Indian Mobile Banking Apps – An Empirical Analysis in the State of Telangana

Ms. Shirisha, Dr. M. Sivakoti Reddy

1463 - 1466 |

Advertising Appeals in Digital Media Influence on Consumers Green Purchase Intention: A Descriptive Analysis

Ms. V. Sravanichari, Dr. M. Sivakoti Reddy

1467 - 1474 |

Aluminum Conductor Theoretical Design and Economy for Variable Speed Drives

R. Gowri Shankar Rao, N. K. Rayaguru, Pramod Kumar Gouda

1475 - 1482 |

The Role of Constructive Ideas in the Formation Social-Political Consciousness of Youth and Social Progression in Uzbekistan

Ergashev Ibodulla, Safarov Mukhlis Makhmudovich, Mukhammadieva Oynisa Mustafakulovna

1483 - 1488 |

Formation of Accounting Management Information in the Control System of Enterprises of JSC «Uzbekistan Railways”

Dzhumanova Aizhan Bakhtiyarovna, Kushakova Mamura Narimanovna, Khodzhaeva Nodira Abdurashidovna

1494 - 1498 |

Calculation of the Invested Capital Profitability in the Financial Condition Analysis Process

Khasanov Bakhodir Akramovich, Mukumov Zafar Avazmuratovich, Alikulov Abdimumin Ismatovich, Djumanova Ayjan Baxtiyarovna, Eshboev Uktam Toshtemirovich, Hasanova Risolat Bahodirovna

1504 - 1509 |

E-Commerce - In the Economy of the World and Uzbekistan

Ilxamova Yodgorahon Saidaxmedovna, Jumaniyazova Muqaddas Yuldashevna, Azizova Manzura Ibragimovna, Djamalova Gulnoz Sadriddinovna

1510 - 1514 |

The Role of the Software in the Development of Information and Communicative Competence of Future Workers of Culture and Art

Kurbаnovа Аzizа Tolibovnа, Khudаyberdiev Sаkhobiddin Аbdurаimovich, Tillаshаyxovа Mаkhsudа Аbdusаttаrovna, Sаmigovа Gulаndom Аbdujаbbаrovnа

1515 - 1523 |

Fauna and Seasonal Dynamics of the Collembolans of Uzbekistan

Rakhimov Matnazar Shomurotovich, Elmuratova Zulkhumor Urazovna

1524 - 1540 |

Evolution, Transformation and Biological Activity of Degraded Soils

Lazizakhon Akramovna Gafurova, Rajabboy Masharipovich Madrimov, Abdumalik Mannapovich Razakov, Gulchekhra Mirergashevna Nabiyeva, Dilafruz Yuldashevna Makhkamova, Timur Razhabaevich Matkarimov

1541 - 1550 |

Condition of the Cardiovascular System in Children with Chronic Pyelonephritis on the Background of Hyperuricemia

Z. A. Ismailova, Z .F. Djumaniyazova, N. T. Rajabova, A. A. Rajapov, R. F. Yakubov

1551 - 1554 |

Development of Technical Specifications for the Mechanism of the Trading System

Rahimova Sevara, Abdullayev Dilmurod, Zaripova Dilnoza, Kuldasheva Nargiza, Erkinova Muslima

1555 - 1560 |

Analysis of Foreign Investment in the Economic Growth of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Abdurakhimova Saida, Kamilov Dilshod

1561 - 1566 |

Econometric Modeling of Investment Assessment on Investment Capacity Distribution by key Capital (Republic of Uzbekistan)

Bayhonov Bahodirjon Tursunbaevich, Qorabayev Shuxratjon Axmadjonovich

1567 - 1580 |

Macroeconomic Trends and Patterns of Sustainable Economic Growth and its Quality

Bustonov Mansurjon Mardonakulovich

1581 - 1595 |

Advantages of Vertical Integrated Enterprises (Under Light Industry Enterprises)

Rasulov Nodirbek Madrahimovich, Mullabayev Baxtiyarjon Bulturbayevich

1596 - 1606 |

Fundamentals of Economic Diagnostics and Modeling in Assessing Socio-Economic Development

Sotvoldiev Nodirbek Jurabaevich

1607 - 1618 |

The Similarities and Differences of Proverbs in Relation to other Genres of Folklore

Sayidova Shahrizoda Nasrulloyevna, Mirzayeva Muhayyo Ro'ziyevna, Sevara Samadova Axatovna

1619 - 1624 |

The Matter of Equivalence in English and Uzbek Proverbs

Achilova Risolat A'zamovna, Makhmurova Mavjuda Halimovna, Norova Mekhri Bakhtiyorovna

1632 - 1637 |

Preliminary Non Linear Analysis of Seismic Events Associated with the Hydrothermal of Cangar, Batu, East Java

Sukir Maryanto, Rendi Pradila Hab Sari, Rohmatul Uluwiyah, Abdurrouf .

1638 – 1645 |

Using Original and Hybrid Artificial Bees Colony Algorithm to Represent Images

Shahla Hazim Ahmed Kharofa

1646 – 1653 |

Smart Contract-Based Electronic Voting System that Provides Fairness

Chang Hyun Roh, Yong Woon Hwang, Im-Yeong Lee

1654 – 1661 |

Analysis of Spatial Ability Testing Results and Interior Design Program Success for Female University Students in Saudi Arabia

Helen Palmer Peterson, Shams Al Shamasi, Maryam Al Khateeb

1662 – 1670 |

False Data Injection Attack Detection in State Estimation using Deep Learning

Rakkesh Kumar J, Dr.V. Gomathi, Arun Jees

1677– 1684 |

Art Approaches as a Source of Expression in the Field of Expressive Ceramics

Nehad Nabil Elhusseini

1685 – 1693 |

Real Time Monitoring of Water Quality in IoT Environment through Android Application

Arunima Sambhuta Pattanayak, Bhawani Shankar Pattnaik, Ajit Kumar Panda

1694– 1701 |

Tribal Redevelopment with Community Participation

Midhun George, Lakshmi. S. Shaji

1708 – 1715 |

Analysis of Golden Code in 4G Mobile Communication over Rayleigh Fading Channel

S. M. Shamsul Alam, Sehrish Khan

1716 – 1719 |

Educational Development in ASEAN Countries: Reflection of Research Results

Lampong Klomkul, Phra Theppavaramethi Inkrungkao

1720 – 1726 |

A Critical Assessment of Balanced Class Distribution Problems: The Case of Predict Student Dropout

Siti Mutrofin, Raden Venantius Hari Ginardi, Chastine Fatichah, Arrie Kurniawardhani

1764 – 1770 |

Strategic Role of E- HRM in the IT Industry: An Empirical study on the IT Companies of Bengaluru

Srihari. S, Dr. Subhasree Kar

1771– 1776 |

Artificial Intelligence Diagnosys System of Ribbon Diseases using forward Chaining Method (Case study of Pringsewu District)

Tri Susilowati, Rinawati ​, Sucipto ​, Suyono ​, Phong Thanh Nguyen, Ivan Aditya

1777 – 1783 |

Next Generation Power Plant Control through IoT, using encryption in layer 2 of Communication protocol

Iqra Hussain, Dr. Nitin Pandey, Dr. Mukesh Chandra Negi

1784 – 1798 |

An Efficient Identity Authentication protocol for layer 2 security sourced on ECC for IoT communications

Iqra Hussain, Dr. Nitin Pandey, Dr. Mukesh Chandra Negi

1799 – 1810 |

Experimental Installation to Determine the Heat Loss of a Construction Object

Kabanov Oleg Vladimirovich, Starostina Olga Igorevna, Issa Daria Abdulazizovna, Karabanova Ellina Albertovna, Zinkina Ekaterina Аnatolyevna, Fadeeva Irina Evgenyevna

1811 - 1815 |

Internet of Things and Big Data: Opportunities for Malaysia’s Construction Industry

Megat Zuhairy Megat Tajuddin

1816 - 1819 |

Industry Revolution 4.0: Implementing ideas from MNCs to SME units in Malaysia

Peter Yacob, Nurliyana Maludin, Suresh Nodeson, Sai Mei Ling, Adi Wira Mohd Zin

1820 - 1825 |

Reconstruction of Meaningful Work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Michelle Ru Hui Ng

1826 - 1830 |

A Systematic Review on the Blockchain Technology in Education Field: Kazakhstan and Malaysia

Altynay Auyezbekova, Dr Nor Alina Ismail, Dr. Rajamohan Parthasarathy

1831 - 1834 |

Finding the Hidden Bones: VR or AR? Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Medical Smart App V-Learning in China

Li Li Zhang, Xiaofei Gong, Mogana Dhamotharan

1835 - 1841 |

Synchronous Online Discussion Forum for Postgraduate Study: A Case Study in Malaysia

Gurnam Kaur Sidhu, Jaslinder Kaur Param Jit Singh, Arieff Shamida, Gurcharan Singh Bishen Singh

1842 - 1849 |

A Neighborhood Centric Approach to Social Networking Based On WEB 3.0 Technology

Dr Rajamohan Parthasarathy, Sajib Kumar Joarder

1850 - 1857 |

Development of Smart Farming Technologies in Malaysia

Gabriel Wee Wei En, Haritharan Devanthran

1858 - 1862 |

A Study on Hybrid Recommender System with Deep Learning and Deployment in Big Data

Srivats.S. Ramanujam, Sivaneshwar. P, J. Naren, Madhumitha. S, Dr.G. Vithya

1869 - 1875 |

Landscape and Environmental Analysis and Anthro-pogenic Disturbance of the Varandey Oil Field

I.O. Binder, A.M. Oleynik, A.M. Podkovyrova, A.S. Piterskikh, I.O. Golubev

1876- 1882 |

Emotional Intelligence- A Review of Literature

Lubna Javed Rizvi, Dr Rima Bin Saeed

1883 - 1888 |

Role of Blockchain using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in Security Exchange Commissions

Valliappan Raju, Siew Poh Phung

1889 - 1896 |

Understanding the Fundamentals of Blockchains: In Economics and Business Perspective

Valliappan Raju, Siew Poh Phung

1897 - 1902 |

Vally Theory of Motivation-by-Disguise

Valiappan Raju

1910- 1913 |

Impact of Strategy Implementation (Strategy, Structure, and Human Resources) on Organizational Performance with in Abu Dhabi Police, UAE

Fatin Mohamed, Mohammed Nusari, Ali Ameen, Valliappan Raju, Amiya Bhaumik

1914 – 1920 |

Corporate Governance Overview- The Saudi Arabian Context

Lubna Javed Rizvi, Kartinah Ayupp, Norizan Jaafar

1921 - 1929 |

Examining the Moderating influence of Job Complexity on the Relationships between Empowering Leadership and Organizational Innovation

Majed Alameri, Ali Ameen, Osama Isaac, Gamal S. A. Khalifa, Amiya Bhaumik

1930 – 1937 |

The Mediating Effect of Creative Self-Efficacy on the Relation between Empowering Leadership and Organizational Innovation

Majed Alameri, Ali Ameen, Gamal S. A. Khalifa, Ibrahim Alrajawy, Amiya Bhaumik

1938– 1946 |

Impact of Power Delegation and Peer Learning on Self-Sufficient within Oil and Gas Industrial Sector in UAE

Jassem Al-Ameri, Osama Isaac, Amiya Bhaumik, Ahmed Hamoud Al-Shibami

1947 – 1952 |

Towards a Better Understanding of the Relationship between Training, Access Resource, and Self-sufficient: The Case of Developing Countries

Jassem Al-Ameri, Osama Isaac, Amiya Bhaumik, Gamal S. A. Khalifa

1953 – 1958 |

Impact of Human Capital (Teamwork, Reward Systems, and Planning) on Organizational Innovation

Abdulla Alblooshi, Abhijit Ghosh, Abuelhassan E. Abuelhassan, Mohammed Nusari

1959 – 1969 |

Effect of Knowledge Management (Knowledge Development, Knowledge Sharing, and Learning Access) on Organizational Innovation: An Empirical Study in the UAE

Abdulla Alblooshi, Amiya Bhaumik, Gamal S.A. Khalifa, Ibrahim Alrajawy

1970 – 1978 |

Management Models and Evaluation of Reputation Risks

Оleg M. Zagurskіy, Petro I. Yukhymenko, Tetyana V. Sokolska, Igor M. Paska, Viktoria I. Lobunets, Tatуana P. Zhytnyk, Оlena B. Zharikova

1979– 1986 |

Towards a Better Understanding of the Relationship between Strategy Formulation (Vision, Mission, and Goals) and Organizational Performance

Fatin Mohamed, Mohammed Nusari, Ali Ameen, Valliappan Raju, Amiya Bhaumik

1987 – 1994 |

Using Altman’s Z-Score Model to Predict Corporate Failure: The Case of Iraqi Private Companies

Sardar Shaker Ibrahim, Odunayo Magret Olarewaju

1995 - 2007 |

Consumers’ Perception towards Value Added Tax (VAT) in the United Arab Emirates

Dr. Abdulkarim Ali Dahan

2008 - 2023 |

Virtual Optics Fitting System: An Innovative System Offering a New Shopping Experience for Optical Products

Sami Miniaoui, Sudad Muamar, Ayo Hamzat, Yasir Al Yassiri

2024 - 2028 |

Distance Learning Environment and Interactive Educational Process Management

Valentin Osadchy, Ludmila Savina, Alexander Osadchy

2029 – 2035 |

Adjacent Office Spaces in Circular Atrium Well: Analysing Daylight Quality and Occupant Visual Satisfaction

S.Y. Wong, S.Y. Kong, B.A. Zunaibi, B.O. Saari

2036 - 2049 |

Spirit of Writing and Sharing as Motives of Kompasiana Users

Desi Yoanita, Ido Prijana Hadi, Alexander Setiawan, Agusly Irawan Aritonang, Veronica Maureen

2050 - 2062 |

Branding and Commercialization of Heritage Products and Services Eco-system Framework

Nadianatra Musa, Dayang Hanani Abang Ibrahim, Sabariah Putit, Al-Khalid Othman, Johari Abdullah, Noor Alamshah Bolhassan

2063 - 2080 |

A Comprehensive Review on Advanced Power Converter Topologies for Photovoltaic Systems

A. Sivakumar, Dr. L. Premalatha

2100 - 2121 |

Acceptance of E-Learning Systems: A Study of South Eastern University of Sri Lanka

Samsudeen Sabraz Nawaz, Mohamed Aboobucker Mohamed Sameem

2136 - 2146 |

An Investigation of Vendor Buyer Dimensions in Automobile Industry

Parmjot Singh, Navneet Kaur Popli, Anju Rani

2147 - 2156 |

The Determination of Α-Mangostin Concentration in the Dry Infusion of Mangos teen Pericarp (Garcinia Mangostana L.)

Muhammad Da’i, Ulfah Indharini, Rosita Melan Nisa

2157 – 2163 |

Purification of Batik Liquid Waste and Decrease of PB and CD Heavy Metal Content by Combination of Sargassum SP. Biomass and Alum

Muhammad Da’i, Muhammad Sarwo Edi, Arifah Sri Wahyuni

2164 – 2175 |

A Bi-Perspective Positioning of Household Waste Transfer Points for Boyolali Regency, Central Java, Indonesia

Eko Setiawan, Nuruddin Zuhri, Yoga Ardi Nugroho, Much Djunaidi, Suranto ​, Septin Puji Astuti

2176 - 2190 |

Posture Analysis of Workers in Bare Core Production Workers using the Index and Job Strain Method Assessment of Repetitive Task Tool

Indah Pratiwi, Muhammad Huda Al Addin, Much. Djunaidi, Ratnanto Fitriadi

2191 - 2200 |

Technical Attributes of LEED Rating System: Green Building Innovation in India

Saurabh Verma, Satya N. Mandal, Deepak Bajaj

2201 - 2205 |

Measuring the Effect of the External Factors on Iraqi Construction Projects Performance USING PESTLE Technique

Layth Salman Khalid, Ismail Abdul Rahman

2206 - 2213 |

Understanding the Relationship of Crypto currency Price Change and Media Influence: Bitcoin Case Analysis

Soonduck Yoo, Sunyoung Shin, Yeong Hyeon Gu

2214 - 2225 |

Efficient Sensor Programming Patterns in SPL of MSRDS

Jong-In Chung

2226 - 2233 |

A Study on Analyzing Symptoms of Korean Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Using Machine Learning

Seo Won Song, Mi Kyoung Lim, Chunhwa Ihm, Min Soo Kang

2239 - 2245 |

A Study on Improved Outlier Detection and Prediction Based on Hybrid Machine Learning

Eun Soo Choi, Min Soo Kang

2246 - 2254 |

A Study on Predicting Cause of Side Effects in ACS Patients Using Machine Learning

Sang Hyun Park, Eun Soo Choi, Min Soo Kang

2255 - 2261 |

Correlation Analysis of Risk Factors in the big data Projects

Seung-Hee Kim

2262 - 2272 |

Device Development and Firmware Programming for Vitamin D Management

Sangsoo Park, Changim Sung, Whiejong Han, Hojun Yeom

2273 - 2279 |

Parallel K-Means Clustering Algorithm on Map Reduce Framework

Seung-Hee Kim, Jun-Ki Min

2280 - 2290 |

Comparison of Traffic Flow Prediction Models Based on Deep Learning

Pregya Poonia, V. K. Jain

2291 - 2300 |

Authentication Based Cloud Computing Security Model for e-Healthcare System

Rajesh Yadav, Anand Sharma

2301 - 2306 |

Feature Selection and Machine Learning Method for Classification of Lung Cancer Types

Byungju Shin, Bohyun Wang, Joon S. Lim

2307 - 2314 |

Knowledge Graph Modeling based on Generalized Property Graphs

Zhanfang Zhao, Hee-Kyung Moon

2337 - 2344 |

Design of One-Board Type of Multiple Video Control Module

Seok-Jae Moon

2345 - 2351 |

A Study on Factors affecting Gallbladder Polyps

Young-Joon Park, Jung-Sik Woo

2362 - 2367 |

IoT Based Sensor-Integrated Swing Analysis System for Effective Golf Practice

Ik Hyun Jin, Sung Uk Choi

2368 - 2374 |

A Study on the Estimation of Interest Rate Prediction Model Using VECM

Chang-Ho An

2375 - 2383 |

Development of a Dedicated Software for Sarcopenia Quantitative Analysis

Seung-Jin Kim, Chang-Won Jeong, Tae-Hoon Kim, Hong Young Jun, Kwon-Ha Yoon

2391 - 2397 |

Discrimination of Sleep Posture Using CNN in Smart Bed

Tae-Hwan Kim, Ki-Young Lee, Youn-Sik Hong

2404 – 2409 |

Medical Dataset Preparation Platform Based on a Common Data Model for Machine Learning

Min-Gi Pak, Seong-Min Han, Chung Sub Lee, Chang-Won Jeong, Kwon-Ha Yoon

2410 - 2415 |

Additional DQN Extension Methods of Fast Convergence for the Optimal Policy

Young-Man Kwon, Gyu-Bong Lee, Dong-Keun Chung, Myung-Jae Lim

2416 - 2420 |

Cloud-GIS Core Technology and Development Strategy

Sang-Gug Park

2421 - 2427 |

Emotional Recognition Technology Industry Trends oriented towards

Young-Hak Kim

2428 - 2432 |

TRaM: Transmission Range-based Mobility Model for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

Backhyun Kim, Yoseop Woo, Iksoo Kim

2433 - 2438 |

A Study on the Direction of Technology Introduction of Drone Patrol

Cheolhee Yoon, Jang Mook Kang, Jongcheol Park

2439 - 2442 |

A Study on Development of Driver Protection System Based on Artificial Intelligence

Cheolhee Yoon, Jang Mook Kang, Inkyu Jeong

2443 - 2446 |

A Study on Data Analysis of Vector RDBMS Using Security Data

Cheolhee Yoon, Jang Mook Kang, Jung Joong Kim

2447 - 2451 |

A Study on Improvement of Data Analysis Process through Smart Compression

Cheolhee YOON, Jang Mook KANG, Jung Joong KIM

2452 - 2455 |

A Study on the Kubernetes based Infrastructure Model for Smart Factoring

Cheolhee YOON, Jang Mook KANG, Myung Hi CHAE

2456 - 2459 |

Expression and Purification of Chorismate lyase (UbiC) Extracted from Pseudomonas Putida

Dae-Hyun Kim, Myung-Jae Lim, Beom Seok Park

2476 - 2479 |

Wireless Waiter Robot

Arwa Hamid Salih Hamdany, Lubab H. Albak, Raid Rafi Omar Al-Nima

2486 - 2494 |

Behaviour of Perforated Cold-Formed Steel Sections with Trapezoidal Web Stiffeners

Khalimi Johan Abd Hamid, Sariffuddin Saad, Hazlan Abdul Hamid, Omar Jamaludin, Mohammad Affendy Omardin, Nor Maslina Mohsan

2504- 2510 |

Information System Development for Knowledge Management increasing Production Quality of Monthong Durian

Jiraporn Thomkaew, Sornram Kaewtatip, Pattraporn Vichisaro

2534- 2541 |

The development of competency in ICT for small and medium sized enterprises in Nakhon Si Thammarat province.

Podjana Homhual, Kanlayanee Tongliemnak, Jiraporn Thomkaew

2542- 2547 |

Factor Analysis of the Performance Effectiveness of the Special Education Teachers in Thailand

Vichuda Chockphukiaw, Kanokorn Somprat

2548- 2553 |

The Development Model toward Innovative school under the Office of the Basic Education Mission in Thailand

Veeradej Maneenop, Dawruwan Thawinkarn, Kanokorn Somprach

2554- 2566 |

The Contribution of Tourism to Economic Growth: “A Case Study from the United Arab Emirates(UAE)”

Dr. Mohammed Al-Shami, Ms. Ariba Sabah

2567- 2574 |

Content Analysis of Human Resource Development Factors Affecting Internationalization in Thai Private Schools

Sakdipat Krishanachinda, Kanokorn Somprach, Prakittiya Thaksino

2575- 2587 |

A Study of Learning Culture in Private Schools in Thailand

Suphannee Sae chai, Dawruwan Thawinkarn, Saowanee Sirisooksilp

2588- 2592 |

A Study of Cultural Ecology for Small-Sized School in Thailand

Tevarit Sittinok, Dawruwan Thawinkarn

2593- 2598 |

Search Based Optimization Approach for Video Super Resolution

Rohita H. Jagdale, Dr. Sanjeevani K. Shah

2599 - 2613 |

Investigation of SPV Power Plant With Dual Axis Sun Tracker

Udit Mamodiya, Dr. Neeraj Tiwari

2621- 2626 |

Solar PV fed Super-Lift LUO Converter and mod-ified SEPIC Converter for LED Drivers

T. Porselvi, K. Deepa, S. Aishwarya, E. Bharathraj, S. Sairam

2627 - 2635 |

Intelligent Li-Fi Technology Adopted for Congestion Ellminating

Prof. A. Ambika, M.A Swinkumar, M. Kamalesh, K. Naveen

2636 - 2639 |

MLSCD – Stress Detection Analysis model using Stress Symptoms

Dr. M. V. Vijaya Saradhi, Dr. Kalli Srinivasa Nageswara Prasad

2655- 2665 |

Mobility Prediction and Interference Avoidance for Reliable Communication in Dynamic WBAN

Mahammad Firose Shaik, M. Monica Subashini

2666- 2680 |

Indian Pharma Corporations Researching the Right Vaccination against Foreign Exchange Risk

Mr. Nitin Shankar, Dr. Alka Singh, Dr. Sana Moid, Dr. Amit K Sinha

2690 - 2698 |

Parametric Study of Combined and Cogeneration Systems: Energy and Exergy Approach

Noor Kareem Naeem, Safaa Hameed Faisal, Alaa Abdulrazaq Jassim

2699 - 2715 |

Application of Behavioral Finance Theories in Indian Commodities Market

V. Mydhili, S. Siva venkata ramana, J.N.G. Sreenivas

2716 - 2721 |

Rapid Method Analysis for Quantification of Novel Oligosaccharides by Thin Layer Chromatography

S. Priyatharsini, C. Uma, P. Sivagurunathan

2722 - 2726 |

Work Stress among Construction Company Managers in UAE

Lija .P

2727 - 2731 |

An Overview of the Literature on Startups Failure: Trends and Contributions

Bhavook Chitkara, Dr. Syed Mohd Jamal Mahmood

2743 - 2754 |

Assessing Bank’s Efficiency in Indonesia Using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)

Riko Hendrawan, Dhadhang Suryanto

2755 - 2763 |

Cost Efficiency and Profit Efficiency Analysis and Its Effect on Profitability in Islamic Banks in Indonesia

Riko Hendrawan, Martono Hendro Sulistyo

2764 - 2769 |

Entrepreneurial Leadership in a Private College in Kuala Lumpur: A Case Study

Sarasota Batunable, Sathiswaran Uthamaputhran, Isai Amutan Krishnan

2787 - 2814 |

Tensile Strength Analysis of Biodegradable Planting Bag Derived from Banana (Musa Paradisiaca) Peel

Nur Athirah Huzaisham, Noraini Marsi, Anika Zafiah Mohd Rus, Nik Normunira Mat Hassan, Azrin Hani Abdul Rashid, Muhammad Haikal Mohd Fodzi, Rupashinii Thana Singam

2815 - 2819 |

Morphometric Analysis of Coleopteran Stored Product Pest using Clustering Techniques

Tun Mohd Firdaus Bin Azis, Shamshuritawati Sharif, Basharoh Abdul-Karim, Haslina Zakaria

2820 - 2825 |

The Influence of Zakat Support, Motivation, Networking and Training on the Business Performance of Asnaf Entrepreneurs in Kedah

Norashidah Hashim, Azizah Othman, Armanurah Mohamad, Muhammad Nasri Md. Hussin

2849 - 2858 |

The Competence Enhancement and Organizational Culture on Motivation of Public Employees

Onno Sahlania Hamzah, Muh. Rum

2859 - 2874 |

The Theory of Accountability in Zakat Management

Azizi Abu Bakar, Reyadh Nofan Said Aladwan, Siti Khalilah Basarud-Din

2875 - 2880 |

Measurement of Zakat Impact through Sustainable Livelihood Impact Assessment on Balai Ternakin Tanah Datar

Irfan Syauqi Beik, Efri Syamsul Bahri, Budi Asmita, Fahrudin ‎

2881 - 2892 |

Going Extra Mile in Service: The Drive of Social Resources and Work Engagement

Chong Rong Pin, Choo Ling Suan, Norsiah Bt Mat

2911 - 2919 |

Exploring the Conceptual Definition of Islamic Financial Literacy from the Quran and Sunnah

Rosemaliza Ab Rashid, Zairani Zainol, Mohamad YazidIsa, Norhasniza Mohd Taib, Aini Nur Hajjar Khairol Nizam

2920 - 2932 |

Factors Influencing Continuing Professional Education Compliance Behavior among Accountants in Malaysia

Mohd Syahrir Bin Rahim, Ram Al Jaffri Bin Saad, Muhammad Syahir Bin Abdul Wahab

2933 - 2947 |

A Motivational Model for Continuous Participation in Crowdsourcing among Low Income Group

Ahmad. R, Habbal. AM, Suyono. W, Mahmood. M, Chit. S.C

2948 - 2956 |

Generating Business Modelling and Simulation from Evaluation Report

Sim Yee Wai, Cheah Wai Shiang, Nurfauza Bt Jali, Muhammad Asyraf Bin Khairuddin

2957 - 2963 |

Requirement Engineering Meets Emotion: An Examination of Quiz Master

Sim Yee Wai, Cheah Wai Shiang, Syazwanie Filzah Zulkifli, Nurfauza Bt Jali, Muhammad Asyraf Bin Khairuddin

2964 - 2969 |

Requirement Examination: Users’ Involvement in IS Model Development

Thong C. L, Yusmadi Y. J, Rusli A, Nor H. A

2970 - 2976 |

Usability Evaluation of Academic Learning Management System (ALMS): A Pilot Exploration

Mukhtar Abubakar, Rozi Nor Haizan Nor, Azmi Jaafar

2977 - 2982 |

Users’ Intention to Self-Archiving in Institutional Repositories

Shahla Asadi, Rusli Abdullah, Yusmadi Yah

2983 - 2989 |

Outdoor Mobility Assistive Technologies for People with Vision Impairment or Blindness – A State of the Art

Malkawi. A, Kamaruddin. A., Admodisastro N, Perumal. P

2990 - 2996 |

Risk Measurement of it Privacy and Security Threat in Social Networking Sites on Users Perspective

Balogun Abiodun Kamoru, Azmi Jaafar, Marzanah A Jabar, Masrah Azrifah Azmi Murad, Majid Babangida Umar

2997 - 3003 |

An Examination on Applying Machine Learning in Game Industry

Jos Timanta Tarigan, Cindy Laurent Ginting, Elviawaty Muisa Zamzami

3004 - 3010 |

The Development of Adaptive Learning Application to Facilitate Students with Dyslexia in Learning Malay Language

Siti Suhaila Abdul Hamid, Novia Admodisastro, Abdul Azim Abd. Ghani, Azrina Kamaruddin, Noridayu Manshor

3011 - 3017 |

Autonomous Vehicle Mapping With VLP-16 Lidar Using Lidar Odometry and Mapping Algorithm

Raseeda Hamzah, Shuzlina Abdul-Rahman, Nurbaity Sabri, Harith Fadhilah Tajul Ariffin

3025 - 3031 |

Motivational Factors Influencing the Use of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) for Continuing Professional Development: A Systematic Literature Evaluation

Veronica Clement Buyut, Salfarina Abdullah, Rusli Abdullah, Rodziah Atan

3032- 3039 |

A Pilot Examination of an Improved Agile Hybrid Model in Managing Software Projects Success

Marzanah A. Jabar, Norhayati Mohd. Ali, Yusmadi Yah Jusoh, Salfarina Abdullah

3040- 3046 |

Exploring the Student’s Interaction with Augmented Reality and Their Relationship to Learning Achievement

Danakorn Nincarean Eh Phon, Mohd Hishamuddin Abd Rahman, Suhaizal Hashim, Nurul Farhana Jumaat, Wan Isni Sofiah Wan Din, Salwana Mohamad Asmara

3047- 3053 |

An Interpretation of Qos-Aware Web Service Composition Using Metaheuristics Method

M Najib Ramlee, Novia Admodisastro, Norhayati Mohd Ali, Masrah Azrifah

3054- 3060 |

A Tool for Detecting Ambiguity in Software Requirements Specification

Abdirashid Ali Isse, Sa’adah Hassan

3061- 3066 |

SMMS: Document Management in Agile Model for Software Maintenance

Pathiah Abdul Samat, Mohamed Zulkifli Mohamed Nawi

3067- 3073 |

Machine Learning: Tasks, Modern Day Applications and Challenges

Lamyaa Zaed Aljuaid, Koh Tieng Wei, Khaironi Yatim Sharif

3074- 3080 |

Constructing a Model of Risk Mitigation for Anti Software Ageing During Software Maintenance

Thamaratul Izzah Azman, Noraini Che Pa, Rozi Nor Haizan Nor, Yusmadi Yah Jusoh

3081- 3086 |

Characterizing Knowledge Utilization during Software Design Process Using Pkami Model

Salfarina. A, Sazly. A, Marzanah. A. J, Yusmadi. Y. J, Hazlina. H

3087- 3093 |

Design Guidelines of Tangible Interaction Learning Model for Children with Dyslexia

Siti Nurliana Jamali, Novia Admodisastro, Azrina Kamaruddin, Abdul Azim Abd Ghani, Sa’adah Hassan

3094- 3100 |

VoVo: A Hybrid Requirements Prioritization Technique in Scrum-Agile Environment

Che Suhana Che Wil, Ainita Ban, Sa’adah Hassan, Noraini Che Pa, Jamilah Din

3101- 3107 |

Research Data Management in Supporting Knowledge Sharing among Univesity Researchers

Yusmadi Yah Jusoh, Rusli Abdullah, Fatimah Sidi, Iskandar Ishak, Suhaimi Napis, Mohammad Hamiruce Marhaban, Yusnita Tugiran, Nur Ilyana Ismarau Tajuddin

3108- 3113 |

A Preliminary Examination on the Development of Research Data Management (RDM) Policy

Suhaimi Napis, Valerie Anak Michael, Yusmadi Yah Jusoh, Rusli Abdullah, Fatimah Sidi, Iskandar Ishak, Mohammad Hamiruce Marhaban, Yusnita Tugiran

3114- 3120 |

The Effect of Textile Fine Grained Mortar Layers on Reinforced Concrete Beam

Suraya Hani Adnan, Mohamad Hairi Osman, Mohammad Ashraf Abdul Rahman, Kamaruzzaman Musa

3121- 3126 |

Dependability of Engineering Graduates in Private Non-for-Profit Higher Education Institution

Tan Ooi Kuan, Ong Chuan Fang, Cheng Mou Chuan

3127- 3134 |

A UX Community of Practice: Design Goals, Practice Motivations and Values

Idyawati Hussein, Azham Hussain, Emmanuel O.C. Mkpojiogu, Murni Mahmud

3144- 3156 |

Understanding the Characteristics of UX Malaysia UXD Community of Practice (Cop): A Participants’ Observation

Azham Hussain, Idyawati Hussein, Murni Mahmud, Emmanuel O.C. Mkpojiogu

3157- 3171 |

Differentiation of Traditional Market Performance and Electronic Market of New Entrepreneurs

Jiraporn Thomkaew, Podjana Homhual, Supaporn Chairat, Supatra Khumhaeng

3172- 3177 |

Environmental Wisdom: An Observation of Ecocriticism towards the Javanese Cyber Literature in 20th Century

Onok Yayang Pamungkas, Sahid Teguh Widodo, Suyitno ‎, Suwardi Endraswara

3178 - 3190 |

Future Fuels for Environmental Sustainability: Roles of Computing

Hairoladenan Kasim, Ridha Omar, Muhammad Hazim Bin Muhmat Hilme, Abbas M. Al-Ghaili

3191 - 3200 |

Crowdtesting Intermediary Tool for Managing Public Service Software Project

Mohd Syahmi Mustapha, Mar Yah Said

3201 - 3206 |

Expert Examination Analysis on Knowledge Integration Model in Business Organization

Nur Ilyana Ismarau Tajuddin, Yusmadi Yah Jusoh, Rusli Abdullah, Marzanah A. Jabar

3207 - 3211 |

Slope Improvement using Combination of Coconut Husks, Coconut Flakes, Luffa, Pineapple Leaves and Vege - Grout

Rohayu Che Omar, Rasyikin Roslan, Hairin Taha, INZ Baharuddin

3212 - 3218 |

Internet of Things-based Services Implementation and Challenges in Malaysia: An Inquiry

Norlizabinti Sidek, Nor’ashikinbinti Ali

3219 - 3231 |

Developing a Vocational Engineering Word List: Bridging the Gaps of Secondary and Tertiary Education

Ng Yu Jin, Chong Seng Tong, Loh Kee Shyuan, Ahmad Zufrie Abd Rahman, Sivadass Thiruchelvam

3232 - 3242 |

Design of the Goat/Sheep Holding Cage Slaughtering System (Cage for Animal Slaughter): Innovations and Prospect

Zainon Mat Sharif, Syed Nurulakla Syed Abdullah, Mohamad Zulafif Rahim, Mohd Syafiq Othman

3243 - 3249 |

The Design and Development of Semi-Automated Paste Filling Machine for Spicy Shrimp Paste

Zainon Mat Sharif, Mohamad Zulafif Rahim, Mohd Rasidi Ibrahim, Mohd Syafiq Othman

3250 - 3255 |

Seasonal Wind Pattern Model Development for Coral Reef Monitoring

Siti Noratiqah Mohamad Deros, Norashidah Md Din, Syamimi Norzeli, Arnis Asmat, Shattri Mansor

3256 - 3265 |

Modelling of Population Density in Urban Cities using VIIRS Night Time Light Data

Siti Noratiqah Mohamad Deros, Norashidah Md Din, Syamimi Norzeli, Azmira Mohd Sukri, Mohd Zafri Bin Baharuddin

3284- 3291 |

A Taxonomy for Coral Reef Classification Components

Nurul Azwin, Siti Noratiqah, Norashidah Md Din, Ali Abd Almisreb

3292 - 3297 |

A Systematic Exploration of Knowledge Management in Competency Development

Hariaty Mohd Idrus, Nor’ashikin Ali

3298 - 3307 |

Landslides Susceptibility Assessment and Risk Mapping using Logistic Regression and Geographical Information System

Faten Syaira Buslima, Rohayu Che Omar, Rasyikin Roslan, Intan Nor Zuliana Baharuddin, Badariah Solemon, Warishah Abdul Wahab, Vignesvaran Gunasagaran

3308 - 3315 |

Empirical Correlation of Weathering Grade and Rock Properties of Weathered Granitic Rock

Intan Nor Zuliana Baharuddin, Hairin Taha, Rohayu Che Omar, Rasyikin Roslan, Muhamad Amin

3316 - 3322 |

The Development of Helpdesk Governance Framework Using ITIL, COBIT and CMMI for University-setting

Nor Izzati Hanifi, Aliza Abdul Latif

3323 - 3330 |

An Evaluation on Smart Energy Management Systems for Intelligent Buildings

Tharik Jakir Hussain, Hairoladenan Kasim, Marini Othman, Abbas M. Al-Ghaili, Bo Nørregaard Jørgensen

3331 - 3338 |

Examination of Chili Paste and Black Bilimbi Sambal from SMEs’ (Small Medium Enterprise) in Ascertaining Safe Consumption

Zainon Mat Sharif, Nurul Jannah Jalil, Mohd. Syafiq Othman

3339 - 3344 |

Integration of Seismic Refraction and Laboratory Testing for Slope Stability Examination

Rohayu Che Omar, Rasyikin Roslan, Intan Nor Zuliana Baharuddin, Hairin Taha

3345 - 3350 |

An Evaluation on Flood Modelling Tools for Transformation of Spatial and Non-Spatial Data to 3D Geo visualization

Muhammad Yudhi Rezaldi, Rabiah Abdul Kadir, Mohamad Taha Ijab, Azlina Ahmad

3351 - 3360 |

English Needs Interpretation : An Inquiry of Protocol Department in Palembang City Mayor Office

Badriyah Ulfah, Ismail Petrus, Soni Mirizon

3361 - 3378 |

An Examination on Durability and Degradation of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Structures

Agusril Syamsir, Daud Mohamad, Salmia Beddu, Zarina Itam, Siti Nabihah Sadon

3379 - 3388 |

Overview of Multi-Wavelength Laser Generation Techniques

Aiman Ismail, Abdul Hadi Sulaiman, Md Zaini Jamaludin, Fairuz Abdullah

3389 - 3395 |

Design and Development of Information System for SMB II Museum Collection Management

Shinta Puspasari, Husnawati ​

3403 - 3409 |

Presenteeism: The Conceptualization of the Internal & External Factors

Mohd Nur Ruzainy Alwi, Siti Norhidayah Toolib

3410 - 3416 |

COLUFNAS as Potential Ecofriendly Bio sorption for Leachate Improvement

Farhana Shakira Md Akhir, Rohayu Che Omar, Rasyikin Roslan, Intan Nor Zuliana Baharuddin, Hairin Taha, Zulhilmi Abdul Karim

3417 - 3424 |

Integrating Information Sharing into Agile Supply Chain to Improve Supply Chain Performance

Susan Sabah Abdulameer, Noorulsadiqin Azbiya Yaacob

3425 - 3434 |

An Examination of Press Freedom Index In South Sumatera From 2016 To 2017

Isabella ​, Kiagus Muhammad Sobri, Sena Putra Prabujaya

3435 - 3442 |

An Examination on Computer Vision System for Numeric Pattern Recognition

Fery Antony, Rian Rahmanda Putra, Husnawati ​, Shinta Puspasari, Dewi Sartika

3453 - 3458 |

An Examination on Torsional Loading and Environmental Effect on Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Cross Arm in Transmission Line Tower

Agusril ​, Daud Mohamad, Salmia Beddu, Nur Liyana Kamal, Nazirul Mubin Zahari, Mahyun Mohd Zainoodin

3471 - 3476 |

Exploring the Perspective of Health and Well-Being among Orang Asli: An Evaluation of Jakun

Mohd Nur Ruzainy Bin Alwi, Mohamad Ishak Bin Mohamad Ibrahim, Siti Sarah Binti Baharuddin, Shahrul Nizam Bin Salahuddin

3477 - 3485 |

The Impact of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Training and Compensation on Employees` Performance

Agustina Heryati, Remmy Augusta Menzata Z, Fauziah Afriyani

3486 - 3492 |

Financial Aids among Asnaf in Private Higher Education Institution in Malaysia

Abdul Aziz Mat Isa, Mohd Husin Talib, Engku Zarihan Engku Abdul Rahman

3493 - 3498 |

Local Wisdom in the Management of Natural Resources in the Swamp Land

Neny Rostiati, Marsi ​, Asmawati Ashari, Luis Marnisah

3499 - 3505 |

Design a Decision Support System to Evaluate the Performance of Indonesian Lecturers by Developing a Simple Additive Weighting Method

Terttiaavini ​, Fakhry Zamzam, Mustafa Ramadhan, Tedy Setiawan Saputra

3506 - 3511 |

Impact of Social Compliance on Employee Motivation: An Empirical Evaluation

Mohammad Nurul Alam, Rosima Bte. Alias, MD Mahamudul Hassan

3512 - 3520 |

Content Based Image Retrieval Using Boosted Local Extrema Co-occurrence Pattern

Naveen Kumar N, S. Rajkumar

3538 - 3548 |

Solar Powered Energy Efficient Distriution System

S. Mohan

3549 - 3552 |

FOPID Controlled Modified Coupled Inductor based SEPIC Converter with Renveble Energy System

M. Hemalatha, V. Malini, Dr. T. Porselvi, V. M. Lavanya

3553 - 3563 |

Habitational Study on RPW of Coconut Palm Tree

Leena Nangai V, Dr. Betty Martin

3564 - 3568 |

Beach Cleaning Bot Based on Region Monitoring Using Raspberry Pi

Ms. J. Shalini Priya, Mr. K. Balaji, Mr. Saikrish Thangappan, Mr. G. Yuva Sudhakaran

3569 - 3573 |

Financial and Credit Industry as an Integral Component of the Transition to Innovative Model of Sustainable Economic Development

Ajdar Ajratovich Ajupov, Ainur Airatovich Murtazin, Yadgar Danilovich Valeev, Alina Ajdarovna Kamalova, Alina Ajdarovna Kamalova

3574 - 3578 |

Investment Potential of the Russian Federation as an Integral Component of the Transition to the Innovative Model of Economic Development

Gulnaz Mavletzianovna Galeeva, Ekaterina Alekseevna Potapova, Anna Nikolaevna Kiriushkina

3579 - 3584 |

Role of Information Technologies in the Agro Industrial Complex Development

Tatyana M. Yarkova

3585 - 3590 |

Analysis of Basic Terms and Attributes of Process Management

Anton N. Karamyshev, Aleksej G. Isavnin, Irina I. Eremina, Izida I. Ishmuradova, Denis M. Lysanov

3591 - 3596 |

New Mediated Communication Tools and Voting Patterns: Case Study of Punjab Elections 2017

Ajay Kumar Singh, Kuldeep Siwach, Meenakshi ‎

3597 - 3602 |

Mangosteen Compound Levels in the Decoction Preparation of Mangosteen Rind (Garcinia mangostanaL.)

Muhammad Da'i, Anny Purwati, Rosita Melannisa

3603 - 3608 |

Influence Leadership Motivation and Performance of Employees at Bank Rakyat Indonesia Subang Branch Office

Deden Komar Priatna, Winna Roswinna

3620 - 3635 |

Improvement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness through Application of Single-Minute Exchange of Die in Automotive Manufacturing

A. H. Abdul Rasib, Z. Ebrahim, R. Abdullah, Z. F. Mohamad Rafaai

3650 - 3659 |

Features of the Institutional Field of Functioning of the Higher School of Russia

Marat R. Safiullin, Aliya A. Abdukaeva, Leonid A. Elshin, Igor D. Bunimovich

3660 - 3665 |

Role of the Higher School in Formation of Regional Innovative Clusters

Marat R. Safiullin, Aliya A. Abdukaeva, Leonid A. Elshin

3666 - 3671 |

Predictive Models of Development of the Market of Crypto Currency (ARMA, LSTM): Comparative Analysis

Marat R. Safiullin, Aliya A. Abdukaeva, Leonid A. Elshin

3672 - 3680 |

Tripartite Color, Racial Segregation and Violence: Tracking the Paradigm of National Identity in Michael Ondaatje’s the English Patient

Rana Ali Mhoodar, Seriaznita Haji Mat Said, Wan Farah Wanibt. Wan Fakhruddin, Ala’ Dhafer Amer

3715 - 3726 |

Comprehensive Analysis on Lightweight Cryptographic Algorithms for Low Resource Devices

M. Girija, P. Manickam, M. Ramaswami

3747 - 3760 |

Assessing Stakeholder’s View for Quality Bus Services in Kuala Lumpur

Shuhairy Norhisham, Muhammad Fadhlullah Abu Bakar, Azri Ahmad Tajri, Daud Mohamad, Sotaro Yatuka, Siti Alliyah Masjuki, Nur Syafiqah Mohd Shkuri, Nur’atiah Zaini

3779 - 3786 |

Statistical Overview on Quality Bus Services in Klang Valley

Shuhairy Norhisham, Muhammad Fadhlullah Abu Bakar, Azri Ahmad Tajri, Daud Mohamad, Sotaro Yatuka, Siti Alliyah Masjuki, Nur Syafiqah Mohd Shkuri, Nur’atiah Zaini

3787 - 3794 |

Laboratory Evaluation of the Efficacy of Insect Repellent Products Extracted from Melaleuca Cajuputi Powell against

Zainon Mat Sharif, Nurul Jannah Jalil, Saifuddin Nomanbhay, Alifah Farhana Kamal

3795 - 3801 |

Factors Affecting Client’s Involvement in Construction Projects

Mohamed A. AlBarami, Sivadass Thiruchelvam, Ahmmed S. Ibrehem

3802 - 3810 |

A Food Delivery Mobile Application in University Campus Based on Market Demand

Siok Yee Tan, Mei Yien Chin

3811 - 3816 |

An Innovative Green Material for Reducing the Urban Heat Island Surrounding PMU towards Smart Low Carbon Building and City

Nurul Atiqah. Dzulkifli, Rohayu Che Omar, Amina Hanna Zainal Abidin, Rasyikin Roslan, Warishah Abdul Wahab, Intan Nor Zuliana Baharuddin, Khairul Amri Sanusi

3817 - 3822 |

Physical Health, Emotional Exhaustion and Perceived Financial Wellbeing: An Exploration of Malaysian Gen Y Employee

Muhammad Shahfiq Kamaruzaman, Amar Hisham Jaaffar

3823 - 3827 |

Assessing Environmental Education through KBSM Social Sciences Subjects: Three Case Studies

Seng Tong Chong, Yu Jin Ng, Kee Shyuan Loh, Zufrie Abd Rahman

3828 - 3832 |

Implementation of Corporate Entrepreneurship and Strategic Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Mohammed Wadud, Sulastri ‎, Zakaria Wahab, Marlina Widiyanti

3833 - 3838 |

An Experimental Study on Teaching English Language through Digital Short Stories

Ms. V. Anuradha, Dr. M. Rengaraj

3839 - 3847 |

Rough Algebraic Structures in Approximation Space

K. Anitha

3848 - 3851 |

Smart Web Application for Data Sorting and Filtering

Shahad Aljoufi, Malak Alnory

3852 - 3856 |

An Efficient Hyperchaotic based Image Encryption Model based on DNA Encoding and Bit Scrambling

Swetha. T. N., Dr. G. M. Sreerama Reddy

3857 - 3869 |

Hybrid Estimation of VoIP Codec Techniques in Long Term Evolution and 802.11ac Networks

Dr. T. Padmapriya, Dr. S. V. Manikanthan

3870 - 3880 |

Design and Implementation of a BIST Architecture with Reduced Power for Testing of VLSI Circuits

S. Anandhi, R. Neela, M. Janaki Rani

3881 - 3891 |

An Empirical Evaluation on Design of Intelligent Transportation Systems using Machine Learning Techniques

H. Raghupathi, Dr. M. Anand, Dr. M. Janaki Rani

3892 - 3899 |

Modern Cane Enabling Obstacle Detection and Navigation Based on Human Gesture using Voice Board

S. M. Kamali, V. Malathy, M. Anand

3900 - 3906 |

Principle Component Evaluation for Analyzing the Design Trends in Fashion Industry

A. Mary Posonia, Sai Vaishnavi.R, Deepika. P

3907 - 3912 |

An Exploration of Managerial Competency in a Public University: A Qualitative Finding of Training Needs Assessment

Md. Lazim Mohd Zin, Umair Ahmad, Hadziroh Ibrahim

3921 - 3934 |

Virtual Team Literature: A Bibliometric Evaluation

Mohd Affendi Ahmad Pozin, Mohd Nasrun Mohd Nawi, Aidi Ahmi, Aizul Nahar Harun, Thida Lapwong

3935 - 3943 |

Exponential Weighted Moving Average (EWMA) Control Chart for Air Pollution Index at SK Batu Muda, WP Kuala Lumpur

Asma Nabilah Sharifuddin, Hazlina Ali, Ayu Abdul Rahman

3944 - 3953 |

Modelling City Green Space and Sustainable Urban Development

Raman Mariyappan

3968 - 3976 |

Predicting the Default Risk of Firm by Using the Maple Programming of the Iterated Merton Model

Norliza Muhamad Yusof, Farah Wahida Mohd Isa, Nursafiqah Mazlan, Siti Nadiah Khalil, Muhamad Luqman Sapini

3984 - 3988 |

The Evaluation of Robust Outlier Detection Procedure in Bilinear (1,0,1,1) Model

Mohd Isfahani Ismail, Hazlina Ali, Sharipah Soaad Syed Yahaya

4001 - 4007 |

Inventory Evaluation of Decorative Elements of Traditional Malay’s Houses: Rumah Limas Johor (RLJ)

Mohd Nurfaisal Baharuddin, Mohd Sabrizaa Ab Rashid, Kartina Alaudin, Iryani Abdul Halim Choo, Nur Fadhilah Bahardin

4008 - 4017 |

Management System for Students with Different-Ability at Abjad Center

Noor Alsafh, Azza Abu Zeid

4018 - 4021 |

Museifi Mobile Application for Emergency and Crisis Management

Fatima Al-Jaradi, Haya Alshareef, Khadijatul Qubra K. Fateh Muhammed, Khulood Khateeb

4022 - 4027 |

Online Advising System (OAS)

Reem Al-Mershed, Nada Al-Madhoun, Shahad Al-Otaibi, Nighat Mir

4028 - 4032 |

Participatory Sensor Network Based Emergency and Rescue Management System in Beach

Alaa Al-Tijaar, Mohammed G. Kaosar, Esraa Al-Zwawi, Ohoud Al-Balwi

4033 - 4038 |

Predicting Breast Cancer Survivability Rates a Differentiation of Three Data Mining Models

Ghofran Othoum, Wadee Al-Halabi, Houria Oudghiri

4039 - 4043 |

Shape Adaptation with application to Fingerprint Image Enhancement

Hiba Shahid, Mohammed Asmutallah Khan, Noura Al Gothmi, Samar Samir Abdulate

4044 - 4047 |

Solar Water Pumping Station for Automated Irrigation

Raheef Ahmed Aljefri, Mohammed Shehata, Renad Ahmed Aljefri, Wejdan Abdulaziz Fatani

4048 - 4051 |

Bank Marketing Data Mining

Amjaad Aljadani, Hatoun Mukhtar, Bayan Alzanbaqi, Abdulhamit Subasi, Nada Aljehani

4052 - 4057 |

Startup Kit Mobile Application

Arwa A. Al-Saggaf, Khuloud Rambo

4058 - 4063 |

Examining Cyber-Bullying Behavior on Social Networking Sites in General

Bashayr Alqabasani, Maha Alghamdi, Maram Bashawyah, Adel M. Ilahi, Joud Abdulfattah

4064 - 4068 |

Mark-Less Recognition System Using Kinetic Depth Camera for Sleep Apnea Detection

Bayan Al-Nawimi, Mohammed Shehata

4069 - 4073 |


Mariam I. Daffa, Wadee Al Halabi, Maya M. Akbar, Sara H. Al-Jehani

4074 - 4078 |

Translators4u Android Application

Alaa Ibrahim Mohammed, Wadee Al Halabi

4079 - 4083 |

Underwater Video Signal Transmission via Laser Beam

Asrar Damdam, Mohammed Shehata, Hedayh Menkabo, Areej Sabo

4084 - 4089 |

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Surveillance

Shaddin Al Zaid, Mohammed Shehata, Malack Al Harbi, Esraa Al Ghamdi

4090 - 4094 |

Using SPLUNK to Implement SIEM Capabilities

Remaz Alawaji, Dalal Alshiekhi, Adel M. Ilahi

4095 - 4100 |

Using Virtual Reality in Educational Field (NOOYA)

Nesreen Abduljabbar, Wadee Al Halabi

4101 - 4106 |

Utilizing IoT to Enhance School Bus Transportation Safety

Hasnaa Waked, Awateef Qusti, Nejoud Alassiri, Zain Balfagih, Lamis Almohamadi

4107 - 4114 |

Vio Issuer

Asrar Gadi, Wissal Dandachi, Houria Oudghiri

4115 - 4120 |

VR Application for Appendectomy Surgery Training

Kholoud Bahashwan, Shahad Alnasser, Rabea F. Kurdi

4121 - 4125 |

Malpractice Error Reporting System (MERS) for Al Mashfa

Dana Foudah, Dina Salamah, Diane Igoche, Malak Al-Nory

4126 - 4132 |

Tasks Management Application System

Rahma Jarjarah, Malak Al-Nory, Deena Shaweesh, Diane Igoche, Noha Al-Saadi, Nighat Mir

4133 - 4140 |

Talabk Lebaitak Order Delivery Mobile Application

AL-Hanouf Bukhari, Tharaa Jambi, Malak Al-Nory

4141 - 4147 |

Employees’ Performance Evaluation

Alaa AL-Hamid, Doa Babuhair, Malak Al-Nory, Moneerah AL-Tawi

4148 - 4155 |

Innovative Development of the Services

Djuraeva Dilnoza Davron Qizi

4156 - 4161 |

Study of Stylistic Lexicology

Feruza Melsovna Khajieva, Kendjayeva Gulrukh Fatilloyevna

4162 - 4169 |

ICT in Linguistic Studies: Application of Electronic Language Corpus and Corpus-based Analysis

Nozimjon Ataboev Bobojon o’g’li

4170 - 4176 |

Naming: The Technology of Creating a Name in the Language

Durdona Lutfullayeva Esanovna, Muyassar Saparniyazova

4183 - 4189 |

The Interpretation of the Soulin the First Poems of Khamsas’

Mukhiddinov Muslikhiddin Kutbiddinovich, Ergasheva Dilrabo Ilkhomovna

4190 - 4197 |

The Comparative Character Analysis of Farhad and Majnun in Epic Poems by Alisher Navai

Muhitdinova Nazmiya Muslihiddinovna, Kutbitdinova Shoira Fatkhiddinovna

4198 - 4206 |

Basics of Uzbek Children's Reading

Jamilova Bashora Sattorovna, Safarova Nigora Oxunjonovna, Nusratova Khamida Chuliboevna, Rajabov Tukhtasin Ibodovich, Bakiyeva Xilola Sapayevna

4207 - 4214 |

Shell Correction, Bloch Correction and Barkas Effects in Biological Materials

Alyaa A. Hasan, Khalid A. Ahmed, Baida M. Ahmed

4233 - 4241 |

Management of Sorbent Selectivity Based On Modified Tin (IV) Phosphate

Datkova E. A.

4242 - 4249 |

Features and Competitive Advantages of Contactless Mobile Payment Systems on the Russian Market

Ludmila Viacheslavovna Goloshchapova, Ludmila Anatolevna Ivanova, Natalia Pavlovna Savina

4250 - 4257 |

A review on Magnetic Abrasive Finishing Process for Finishing a Work piece Surface

Ali Majid Nahi, Ali Hussain Khadum

4258 - 4265 |

Effectiveness of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Oman

Dr Basil John Thomas, Dr Saed Adnan Mustafa

4266 - 4276 |

Analysis of the Competitive State and Medium-Term Development Strategy of Mature Industry Companies

Vashchenko Tatiana Vladimirovna

4277 - 4285 |

Examining Development Quality Practice in Higher Education: Evidence from Islamic Higher Education Institution (IHEI) in Indonesia

Wahyudin ​, Ulfatmi ​, Mifedwil Jandra, Miftachul Huda, Andino Maseleno

4298 - 4310 |

Exploring Multimedia-Based Active Learning Pedagogy: An Empirical Research

Arsyad Abdul Gani, Nurdin Ibrahim, Khaerudin ‎, Mifedwil Jandra, Miftachul Huda, Andino Maseleno

4311 - 4321 |

The Model of Workload and Competence, and Employee Performance

Zulki Zulkifli Noor, Nandan Limakrisna

4322 - 4330 |

Transformational Leadership and Organizational Performance Cross Level Study of Their Effects on Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Task Performance

Rino ‎, Tjutju Yuniarsih, Suwatno ‎, Kusnendi ‎, Syahrizal ‎

4331 - 4355 |

Expanding Trilogy-Based Headmaster Leadership: A Conceptual Framework

Tarto ‎, M. Jandra Janan, Miftachul Huda, Andino Maseleno

4356 - 4373 |

The effects of Emotional Intelligence, Family Environment and Learning Styles on Social-Science Learning Outcomes: An Empirical Analysis

Salamah ‎, Purwaningsih ‎, Mifedwil Jandra, Tarto Sentono, Miftachul Huda, Andino Maseleno

4374 - 4386 |

Exploring Specific Learning Difficulties in Primary Schools: An Empirical Research

Sukadari ‎, Mifedwil Jandra, Sutarto ‎, Aminudin Hehsan, Juhazren Junaidi, Miftachul Huda, Andino Maseleno

4387 - 4399 |

The Development of English Language Learning Management Model of Non Formal Education (NFE) Strategy to Improve Speaking Skill

Ima Widiyanah, Dwi Yuwono Puji Sugiarto, Rusdarti ​, Wahyono ​

4400 - 4407 |

The Relationship between Different Sources of Feedback and Learning Motivation on Learners’ Writing Performance

Tazkiyatunnafs Elhawwa, Dwi Rukmini, Januarius Mujiyanto, Djoko Sutopo

4408 - 4420 |

The Boundary State Method in Solving the Anisotropic Elasticity Theory Problems for a Multi-Connected Flat Region

Ivanychev D.A., Levin M.Yu., Levina E.Yu.

4421 - 4426 |

Ergo-Design of Industrial Products

Kukushkina Vera Anatolyevna, Kantaryuk Ekaterina Anatolyevna, Kantaryuk Mark Vasilyevich, Kazachkova Olga Alexandrovna, Blinova Irina Vladimirovna

4427 - 4430 |

Refined Evaluation of the Heat-Transfer Agent Loss When Moving in District Heating Line

A. G. Arzamastsev, A. I. Sharapov, Y. V. Shatskikh, A. V. Peshkova

4431 - 4434 |

A Novel Process using Impact Analysis over Requirement Phase with Impact Transition Model

Sathyarajasekaran K, Ganesan R

4435 - 4445 |

An Integral Backstepping Algorithm for a DFIG-Based Wind Turbine Connected to the Undisturbed Utility Grid

El Mahfoud Boulaoutaq, Mustapha Kourchi, Azeddine Rachdy

4446 - 4460 |

Skill Gap - Challenges for HR 2020

Dr. Renu Rathi, Dr. Usha S

4461 - 4465 |

Measuring Innovative Banking User`s Satisfaction Scale

Dr Keyur M Nayak, Dr Kuldip Sharma

4466 - 4477 |

Puzzle of HR Management and Job Crafting in Public Sector Banks in Kannur District, Kerala

Anupa Kattil Prabhakaran, Dr. Rajandran K.V.R

4478 - 4487 |

A Study of Investor Attitude & Perception in Chennai City

Ms. R. Banu Reka, Ms. R. Sasirekha

4488 - 4492 |

A General Framework for Streaming Data Analytics

D. Christy Sujatha, Dr. J. Gnana Jayanthi

4493 - 4502 |

7A Study on Practising Emerging ICT Tools in English Language Teaching Classes and their Impacts

Mrs. C. Priya, Mrs. Bhuvaneswari Nagarajan

4503 - 4514 |

Leveraging Business Analytics to Competitive Advantage

Mr. K. Saravanan, Dr. V. Subhamathi

4515 - 4519 |

Savings and Investment Model of Salaried Employees at Tanjore

Ms. K. Suganthi, Ms. T. Valli, Dr. D. Umamaheswari, Ms. A. Sivaranjani

4520 - 4523 |

Influence of Activity based Assessment in Outcome-based Education

C. M. Vivek, G. Thamilvanan, K. Mohanasundaram

4524 - 4528 |

Effective CSR: A Cross-functional Perspective

Damaraju Subba Rao, Dr. Pushpender Yadav

4536 - 4541 |

Nourishing Entrepreneurship through Interdisciplinarity in Engineering Education

Damaraju Subba Rao, Dr. Pushpender Yadav

4542 - 4545 |

Artificial Intelligence in 3D Bio-Printing

Sountharraj. A. C, Santhosh. K, Harish. U

4558 - 4561 |

Influence of Buying Habits Regarding Sports Marketing

C. Gayathiri Devi, I. Arthijone, A. S. Angelin Prema, Gokul Sudesan Thalaassery, S. Pavan Kumar

4562 - 4566 |

Food Safety, A Global Challenge: Consumers’ Perspective

M. Shanthana Lakshmi, V. Sonia, V. Akshaya Bharathi

4567 - 4573 |

A Research on Consumer Satisfaction Towards Social Media

S. Murugan, Kavipriya. R, Dharani. R, Jaga Eshwaran. G, Vishwanath Muthukumar. R

4574 - 4576 |

Spam Detection for Youtube Comments

M. Nirmaladevi, S. Saraswathi, R. B. Abishri, Divya Bharathi, B. Surya Prakash

4577 - 4580 |

A Research on Stress and Mobile Learning Device

Z. Sheik Kamaludeen, V. Uma Devi

4584 - 4588 |

A Research on Recent Machine Learning Access and Representation

Dhanalakshmi S, Indhumathi S

4589 - 4593 |

Total benefit Adminstration for Industry Environment

S. Devaraju, D. Saravana Prakash

4594 - 4599 |

A Research on Purchasing Behaviour of Consumers through Digital Marketing in Coimbatore District

R. Prabusankar, Shakeel Ahmed. S, Sowmiya. M

4600 - 4605 |

An Experimental on the Influence of Process Parameters on the Tensile Properties of Carbon Fiber Reinforced PLA FDM Parts

R. Srinivasan, B. Suresh Babu, P. Seenivas Annamalai, S. Sivasankaran, M. Sri Bharani Tharaan

4606 - 4611 |

Awareness of Government Hospital’s Schemes among Coimbatore People

M Gopinath, P Swathi, S Devatha

4618 - 4622 |

A Research on Financial Performance of District Central Co-Operative Banks with Special Reference to Nilgiris and Coimbatore

S. Ruth Smiely, C. Thiyaneswaran, B. Joy Suganya, S. Chitra, P. Manasa

4623 - 4628 |

A Researchon Online Shopping Behaviour of Customers With Special Reference to Coimbatore City

Arun Prasad. C. M, G. Raghunath, Manishaa. R, Harini. P

4629 - 4632 |

Traditional Indian Batter: A Contemporary Context on Brand Exposure

A. Arunprakash, J. Angelene Aishwarya, S. Anu Suwathi

4633 - 4636 |

Tackling a Shortest Path Having a Negative Cycle by using Johnson's Calculation

K. Umamaheswari, A. Pavithra, S. Srinivashini, S. Subipriya

4637 - 4640 |

WBI: Assesment, Tools, Integration in Teaching and Learning

B. V. Dharini, A. Jahitha Begum

4641 - 4645 |

Clock Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Network

B. Srinithi, V. S. Anita Sofia, K. T. Jayashree, D. Bharkavi

4646 - 4650 |

Honeypot Pattern for Intrusion Detection System in Networks

Balaji C, Prathibha U, Gokila D

4651 - 4654 |

A Learning on Knowledge Management in Banking Segment

C. Gayathiri Devi, I. Arthijone, R. Priyanka, S. Soundariya, R. Pornodhaya, N. Sri Hari

4655 - 4658 |

Role of Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Effectiveness among Marketing Professionals

K. Hari Priya, P. V. Amutha, S. Poorvaja, E. R. Dhanya

4659 - 4663 |

Enhancing Work Performance of Automobile Sales Employees in Industry 4.0

M. Manjula, T. Prakash

4664 - 4668 |

An Empirical research on the relationship between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Hotel Industry

William Robert. P, Sheryl Christina Preethi. L

4669 - 4674 |

A Research on Vehicle Control in Vehicle to Infrastructure Environment

V. Suresh Kumar, M. Priya, M. Anitha, G. Tharitha Sririya

4675 - 4678 |

A New Algorithm for Solving Shortest Path Problems using Octagonal Neutrosophic Numbers

Sreeja T S, Dr. V Jeyanthi

4679 - 4685 |

Energy Efficiency in High-Achievement Networks using VPVB

L. Rubine, R. Priyanka, P. Rasika Priya, S. Dhamodhara Prasad

4686 - 4689 |

Event Aware and Attacks Detection by using Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR) Protocol

M. Smitha, S. Nandhini, J. Aiswarya, M. I. Rofina Begum

4690 - 4694 |

A Research on Effect of Infill Pattern, Infill Density and Layer Thickness for Fused Deposition Modelling to Enhance the Tensile strength of ABS Parts

R. Srinivasan, T. Pridhar, P. Prathap, L. S. Ramprasath, S. Rahul, N. Sree Chara

4708 - 4715 |

A Research on Crop Yield Estimation of Banana in Various Soil and Weather Around North Coimbatore Area using Data Mining Algorithm

N. Ganapathi Ram, S. Gopala Krishnan, S. Manimala, D. Vidhumitha

4716 - 4720 |

A Research on Security Aspects in Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET)

C. Sunitha, S. Dhiviyaa

4721 - 4723 |

Black Hole and Grey Hole Detection in WSN using DSR Protocol

Gayathiri. M, Nandhini. S, Swathy. R, Swetha. S

4724 - 4727 |

Virtual Reality Game in Education: An Pragmatic

Saravanan. S

4728 - 4732 |

A Protected Valid Theme for Private Image Sharing using Weiner Filtering

N. Ajitha, S. Deepthi, R. Rajshree, M. Sai Kiran

4733 - 4736 |

Assesment the Performance of some Selected Mutual Fund schemes in India

K. M. Sudha, G. Sridharshini

4741 - 4745 |

Self - Organizing and Coverage Recovery Techniques for WSN

M. Aparna, V. S. Anita Sofia, V. Deepika, J. Harshini

4746 - 4749 |

A Research on Application of Fuzzy Logic in Data Communication

Kavitha S, Anjana Dass, Kiruthiga. J

4750 - 4753 |

Easy Catch For Multiple Face Detection and Recognition in Real Time

Jeslin Benny, Subbaiah S, R. Rajagopal

4754 - 4758 |

Sheltered and Elegant Future Transaction for Double Server Authentication

Megha. K. B, Sampath Kumar. D, S. Praveena, V. Gurupriya

4759 - 4762 |

A Research on Predicting Obesity among Childhood using Data Mining Techniques

S. Sandhya, R. Sruthi, N. Karthikeyan

4763 - 4768 |

Cyber Obsession - A Leading Health Impact

S. Kowsalya, U. Srijith, S. Gopinath, S. Surya, S. Nirmal, I. Ashwin

4769 - 4773 |

Check My Code: Designing Assignment Submission System with Web-Based Java Compiler

Afiqah M. Azahari, Arniyati Ahmad, Syarifah Bahiyah Rahayu

4774 - 4778 |

Assessing Intelligence Conversation Agent Trends- Chatbots-AI Technology Application for Personalized Marketing

Abayomi Oluwaseyi Ikumoro, Mohammed Saeed Jawad

4779 - 4785 |

Serial Commercial Crime and Population Pattern Mining Using K-Means Clustering and K-Star Classi-fication

Nik Nur Aisyah Nik Ghazali, Siti Norul Huda Sheikh Abdullah, Siti Zaharah Abd. Rahman, Muhammad Ariff Abdullah, Md Nawawi Junoh, Zainal Abidin Kasim

4786 - 4799 |

Critical Evaluation on Tamil Nationalism

B. Smruthi, D. Vezhaventhan

4800 - 4806 |

Causes for Global Warning with Special Reference to Chennai

Anakha S J, Sreeya B

4807 - 4811 |

Public Perception of Factors that Influence Employee Motivation

Angujanani. G, Aruna A. R

4812 - 4816 |

The Execution of Right to Adverse Possession of Property in India

Tarun. G, S. Malaimagal

4817 - 4829 |

Small Area Crime Prediction using Deep Neural Net

Lydia J Gnanasigamani, Seetha Hari

4830 - 4837 |

Technology as an Authentic Learning Tool to Develop Speaking Skills of Engineering Students: A Case Study

Shabana Thayniath, Sher Mohammed Khan

4838 - 4845 |

Implementation of IOT for Energy Management

Saswati Kumari Behera, Manish Kumar Gupta

4856 - 4860 |

A Multi-Modal Learning Assisted Vehicle Selection for Optimizing IoV Communications in Medical Information Handling

Tamizharasi Thirugnanam, Muhammad Rukunuddin Ghalib

4861 - 4875 |

Customer Preference Towards Restaurants with Special Reference to Chennai

Aswini K, Sreeya B

4876 - 4881 |

Development and Modernization of Political System

K. Chandra Sekhar Prasad, D. Vezhaventhan

4882 - 4885 |

An Emperical Researchon Judicial Activism in India with Preference to Media

Mangaiyarkarasi S, Vidyassri S P

4886 - 4892 |

Modeling the Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer in a Vertical U-Tube

Khudheyer S. Mushatet, Ayad Ali Mohammad

4893 - 4902 |

Effects of Land Contamination with reference to Chennai

Muthukalanidhi M, Sreeya B

4903 - 4906 |

Parental Role in Creation and Preservation of Digital Identity of Children

Aswathy Prakash G

4907 -4911 |

Benefits of Web-Based Learning

Padmesh R, Sreeya B

4912 - 4916 |

Public Opinion on Causes of Child Labour

Pranav Aditya. B, Sreeya B

4917 - 4920 |

Liability to Compensation under Motor Vehicles Act with Special Reference to the Amendment Bill 2019

L. Sanmiha, Annamaneni Sreelatha

4921 -4931 |

An Empirical Research on Media as a Political Power in India

Vaithegi. H, D. Vezhaventhan

4938 - 4944 |

A Research on the Issue of License under the Electricity Act, 2003

Tarun. G, S. Malaimagal

4945 - 4954 |

Organoleptic Evaluation and Consumer’s Acceptability of Zea Mays Hair as Herbal tea

Ma. Carlene R. Saccuan, Aldwin M. Martin, Angelica R. Cadiz

4964 - 4972 |

Utilizing Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) in Augmented-Reality Shell Game for iOS

Andrei Lorenz V. Herrera, Paul Dominic I. Tecson, Josephine T. Eduardo, Maryli F. Rosas, Rolando B. Barrameda

4973 - 4979 |

Productivity of Sugarcane High Yielding Varieties Planted at Different Furrow Spacing

Roel V. Puyot, Samuel R. Simon

4980 - 4988 |

3D Animation Production and Synthesis Process using Chinese Tea CG Short Film

Shao Jing, Mischelle A. Esguerra

4989 - 4994 |

The Art of 3D: Development and Application of 3D Model in Animation, Games and Films

Ding Cong, Mischelle A. Esguerra

4995 - 4998 |

Assessment of Stakeholders’ Gender and Development Awareness

Carina L Vidania, Lalaine M Nerona, Jolo B Galabay

4999 - 5006 |

Prediction Model of Variation Order for Construction Cost and Time in the Residential Projects

Noraziah Mohammad, Suhana Johar, Adi Irfan Che Ani, Norngainy Mohd Tawil, Zabidi Hamzah

5007 - 5012 |

"Students' personality in Environmental Model based on students' Attitude, LOC and Personal Responsiblity"

Damianus Daikoban, I Made Putrawan, Diana Vivanti S.

5013 - 5021 |

Monitoring System for Smart Farming

Cris Austin A. Capili, Andrew John Dilag, Rolando B. Barrameda, Josephine T. Eduardo, Maryli F. Rosas

5022 - 5026 |

Classifying Philippine-Korean Speech Analysis based on various Machine Learning Heuristics.

Rolando B. Barrameda, Jobelle B. Baccay

5027 - 5035 |

School Innovation in Predictingprincipals’ Citizenship Behavior Based on Big-Five Personality

I Made Putrawan, Lisa Dwi Ningtyas, Erian Fatria

5036 - 5042 |

Cloud-Based Smart Farming for Crop Production Suitability Using Wireless Sensor Technology

Manuel Luis C. Delos Santos, Luisito L. Lacatan, Francis G. Balazon

5043 - 5052 |

Vegetation Stress Study in Chon-Alai Area Using NDVI, Kyrgyzstan

Kulenbekov Zh., Orunbaev S., Asanov B., Sharipov B.

5062 - 5084 |

CBR- Contour based routing in Multi Hop Wireless Sensor Network

S. Kevin Andrews, Lakshmanan L, V. Jeyabalaraja, M. S. Josephine, Visu P

5085 - 5090 |

Estimation of Stiffness Derivative of an Ogive for Specific Heat Ratio 1.666

Aysha Shabana, Renita Sharon Monis, Asha Crasta, S. A. Khan

5091 - 5100 |

Design of Low Power Hybrid Model for Scan based VLSI Testing

Rashmi K M, K N Muralidhara

5101 - 5107 |

Friction Stir Welding Alloys for Different Applications

V. Jaiganesh, R. Rajavel

5115 - 5120 |

Machine Learning for Intrusion Detection Systems

B. Senthil Kumar, M. S. Josephine, V. Jeyabalaraja

5121 - 5127 |

Multifarious Mapping Schemes on Elliptic Curve Cryptography for IoT Security

G. Dhamodharan, S. Thaddeus

5128 - 5136 |

Efficient Log-based Iris Detection and Image Sharpness Enhancement (l-IDISE) using Artificial Neural Network

S. Venkata Lakshmi, K. Sathyamoorthy, K. Sujatha, Ashish Kr. Luhach

5137 - 5145 |

Virtual Companion Health Minder with Secured Wearable Networks [VCHM]

N. Sasikala, Gul Mohamed Rasitha Banu, P. V. Sankar Ganesh

5146 - 5150 |

Effective Energy Optimization in Marine Networks Using Genetic Algorithm

Neha Kaushal, Vishav Kapoor, Anurag Sharma

5164 - 5176 |

Border Guard Spy Robot

B. Ramu, M. Anand, S. Jyothirmaye

5177 - 5180 |

Extraction of XML Documents using Web Data Mining

P. N. Santosh Kumar, V. Radha

5181 - 5184 |

Mobile Augmented Reality Coloring Sheets Development for Dengue Awareness

Zahidah Abd Kadir, Nurul Shuhadah Rosni, Mohd Amin Che Mohd Shabri, Bazilah A. Talip

5185 - 5191 |

Water Tank Monitoring System Using Iot Technology

Nur Zaimah Ahmad, Irma Syarlina Che Ilyas, Sri Banu Munisamy, Noor Adilah Anuar

5200 - 5204 |

Development of Marker less Augmented Reality for Cardiovascular System in Anatomy and Physiology Courses for Physiotherapy Education

Nurul Shuhadah Rosni, Zahidah Abd Kadir, Megat Norulazmi Megat Mohamed Noor, Zaidatul Husna Abdul Rahman, Nurulain Abu Bakar

5205 - 5212 |

Fuzzy Logic: A Technique for Assessing Students’ Learning Performance

Josephine T. Eduardo, Maryli F. Rosas, Rolando B. Barrameda, Emelyn D. Mayuga

5213 - 5217 |

Save Your Grades! A 3D Mobile Educational-Entertainment Game Using Ant Colony Algorithm

Genrech L. Lalas, Karl A. Canto, Gian Carlo N. Uy, Josephine T. Eduardo, Maryli F. Rosas

5218 - 5225 |

Review Paper on Public Service Announcement (PSA) Videos of Child Marriage Awareness

Nur Syahel Hussien, Masyarah Zulhaida Masmuzidin, Muhammad Zakaria

5236 - 5241 |

Energy Efficient Reconfigurable Fir Filter Using Improved Carry-Bypass Adder on FPGA

Gali Madhavi, P. Jyothi

5242 - 5245 |

Implementation of ASIC Design Cycle with Different Techniques for Area and Power

P. Venkanna, K. Vineetha, C. Laxmi Kanth Reddy

5246 - 5251 |

An Efficient Current Starved Ring VCO Using SVL Approach

V. Saraswathi, A. Sathish, G. Madhavi

5252 - 5255 |

Free and Forced Convective Heat Transfer through a Nanofluid with Two Dimensions past Inclined Vertical Plate

B. Sailaja, G. Srinivas, B. Suresh Babu

5262 - 5267 |

Generation of Spiral Interference Fringes with Few Mode Optical Fibers

C. Hari Krishna, P. Yamuna, Prasanthidanie. S, T. Srikanth

5268 - 5271 |

Distribution of Temperature in a Viscous Incompressible Fluid Flow using Differential Homotopy Perturbation Method

G. Durga Priyadarsini, K. Rama Thulasi, Gurunath C Sankad

5272 - 5275 |

Challenges of Educational Policies for Higher Secondary Education in Aguascalientes

Ruben Macias, Miguel Angel Oropeza, Manuel Diaz

5276 - 5288 |

Characterization of Data through Hadoop Technology

Mohammad Azhar, Manjusha Nambiar, Jagadishkumar Talagapu

5289 -5294 |

Investigation into the Management System of Female Elementary Schools

Muhammad Salman Shabbir, Mohammed Ali Bait Ali Sulaiman, Mohd Anuar Arshad, Arshad Mahmood

5295 - 5300 |

Visualization of Data on Earthquake Prone Areas from the Analysis of Earthquake Data Vibrations

Fitria ​, Yosianus Antonio

5301 - 5308 |

Women Empowerment in Ponorogo Regency with Si Kribo (Kripik Bothe)

Umi Farida, Titi Rapini, Arif Hartono

5309 - 5316 |

Does Product Quality Influence the Market Share Index of Telecom Firms? Empirical Evidence from Nigeria

Chinyere C. Onyejiaku, Joy Ifeoma Enemuo, Chimezie C. G. Udeze, Chinelo Jenevive Obiekwe, Benson Onyekozulu Njoku

5329- 5337 |

Waqf Administration in Historical Perspective: Evidence from Indonesia

Ulya Kencana, Miftachul Huda, Andino Maseleno

5338 - 5353 |

Analysis of Image Featuers for Efficient Classification of Thyroid Diseases

S. Premalatha, S. Subha

5354 - 5358 |

Closed Loop Control of Insulin Regulatory System for Diabetes

Subha ‎, Premalatha ‎

5359 - 5364 |

Summarization of Asynchronous Data

Jagadesh Babu, T. Devi

5365 - 5369 |

Real Time Brian Tumor Detection Using Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithm

V. Krishnaraj, Jaisharma. K, N. Deepa

5370 - 5379 |

Composite Microbeads for a Drug Delivery System

N. V. Anudeep, K. Stewart Kirubakaran, SP. Chokkalingam

5380 - 5382 |

Agricultural Area Detection Using Data Mining

B. Bharath Kumar, Mary Subaja, D. Mahalakshmi

5383 - 5388 |

Predicting the Quality of Air Using Supervised Techniques of Machine Learning

G. Sai Kumar, D. Mahalakshmi

5393 - 5398 |

Data Possession with Outsourced Data Transfer

M. Naga Suraj, Ariyamala ​

5399 - 5401 |

Image Segmentation and Detection for Health Care Datas in Deep Learning

M. Niharika, N. Deepa, T. Devi

5402 - 5407 |

Notable object Identification by means of Fluffy Hypothesis and Article Level Upgrade

G. Rohit, N. Deepa, T. Devi

5408 - 5413 |

Towards Achieving Keyword Search over Dynamic Encrypted Cloud Data with Symmetric-Key Based Verification

R. Sai Venkata Siva Kumar, Anitha Shri, SP. Chokkalingam

5414 - 5417 |

Efficient Datacenter Clustering in map reduce framework using Cache Index Algorithm

Satti Sai Ram Reddy, Malathi. P, Mahalakshmi. D

5418 - 5422 |

Server to Client Communication for Web Usage Using Knowledge Mining

K. Naga Anvesh, E. K. Subramanian, K. Logu

5423 - 5428 |

Advanced Assessing Risk Analysis of Integrated Data Attacks against Power System State Estimation

A. Shanmuk, M. Shyni, S P. Chokkalingam

5429 - 5433 |

Integration of Big Data and Cloud for Effective Multi Secure Data Ability with Access Verification using ABC

Vallabhapuram Subrahmanyam, B. Arthi, SP. Chokkalingam

5434 - 5438 |

Hospital Appointment Prediction Using Classification of Big Data

G. Adi Narayana, K. Stewart Kirubakaran, K. Logu

5439 - 5442 |

Credit Card Fraud Detection using Adaboost and Major Voting

Y. Dasaratha Rami Reddy, T. Poovizhi, N. Deepa

5443 - 5448 |

Detecting Clickbaits Automatically for analyzing Social Media Text

Lakshmidheeraj ​, U. Kumaran, Devi. T

5449 - 5453 |

Resolving Presentation Attack using CNN (Convolutional Neural Network)

R. Jaya Prakash, T. Devi

5454 - 5458 |

Towards Solving DDOS Attacks Using Collaboration Scheme

T. Sai Sravan, T. Devi

5459 - 5464 |

Detecting Stress Based Social Interactions in Social Networks

K. Anusha, S. P. Chokkalingam

5465 - 5471 |

Weather Forecasting Prediction of Tamilnadu Cities Using Machine Learning

B. Krishna Sai, S. Magesh Kumar, D. Mahalakshmi

5472 - 5477 |

Evaluation of Rice Quality Using Machine Learning

Swarnala Usha, T. Devi

5478 - 5483 |

Automatic Emotion Recognition Using Facial Expression by Python

Vema Venkata Sai Yaswanth, T. Devi

5484 - 5489 |

Disease Prediction Using Data Mining

Isanaka Sai Venkatesh Reddy, S. Magesh Kumar, S P. Chokkalingam

5490 - 5493 |

Towards Securing Data Management in Social Networks Using Trust Based Mechanism

K. Vamsi Krishna, M. Shyni, S P. Chokkalingam

5494 - 5499 |

A Hierarchal Tensor Based Approach to Compressing, Updating and Querying Geospatial Data

M. Jagadeeswar Reddy, CM. Velu, SP. Chokkalingam

5500 - 5504 |

Automatic Breast Cancer Detection and Classification using Deep Learning Techniques

K. Lakshmi Prasanna, S. Ashwini

5505 - 5510 |

Automated Damaged Number Plate Identification System Using Python

Y. Sreenath Reddy, S. Ashwini

5511 - 5516 |

Prevention of SQL Attack over Cloud Data Hashing Technique

V. C. Maheshwaran, Bright Anand, T. Devi

5522 - 5526 |

A File Authentication System using Hand Gestures Passcode

S. Chandu Praneeth, M. Anand, D. Mahalakshmi

5527 - 5533 |

Professional Employee Query Platform

P. Dastagiraiah, S. Chokkalingam

5534 - 5538 |

KNN- Classification for the Moving Objects of City Line Road Networks

B. Uday Sravan, C. M. Velu, T. Devi

5539 - 5543 |

Object Detection Using Open CV

Anilkumar Kangan, S. P. Chokkalingam

5544 - 5553 |

Semi-Supervised Learning Using Procreative Modelling Techniques

Mukund R., John Justin Thangaraj S, S P. Chokkalingam

5554 - 5559 |

Sentiment Exploration System to Improve Teaching and Learning

K. Sai Tulasi, N. Deepa

5560 - 5565 |

Coronary Heart Disease Forecast Using Machine Learning

T. Keerthiga, P. Shanmuga Prabha

5571 - 5575 |

Computer Visioned Free Interaction Using Leap Motion Controller

S. Harini, P. Shanmuga Prabha

5576 - 5581 |

Multi -View Scaling Manual Vector Machines for Kind and Characteristic Selection

N. Lavanya, N. Deepa, K. Jaisharma

5582 - 5586 |

Electroencephalogram Pathology Detection Using Deep Learning

Mohamed Aslam, K. Jaisharma, D. Mahalakshmi

5587 - 5591 |

Blockchain-Based Decentralized Applications in Secure Transaction using Digital Trust Signature

K. Berlin Sujo, K. Logu, K. Jaisharma

5592 - 5599 |

Real-Time Fine-Grained Air Quality Sensing Networks in Smart City

M. Saiteja Reddy, D. MahaLakshmi, T. Devi

5600 - 5606 |

Health Care Chatbot System

Shanuka Srinivas, K. Sashi Rekha

5607 - 5611 |

Virtual Classroom

N. Tejaswi Avinash, M. Anand, K. Logu

5612 - 5615 |

Real Time Web Based Information using Natural Language Processing (NLP) Algorithm

E. Prasanthi, N. Deepa

5616 - 5620 |

Condition Monitoring Through Temperature, Vibration and Radio Frequency Emission

AA Alkahtani, FH Nordin, Z.A.M Sharrif, AK Ramasamy, SM Norzeli, Wabel Al-kharasani, N. Md Din, SK Tiong, JB Ekanayake

5621- 5636 |

Technical and Economic Feasibility of Solar Powered Air Conditioners in Brunei Darussalam

E. Alhakmi, A. Khalil, Z. Hamid, A. S. Peng, M. R. Uddin, S. Jaafar, I. Mohammed, S. Khan, M. Yaacob

5637 – 5646 |

High Efficiency CdTe Thin Film Solar Cells with CdSe as a Prospective Window Layer from Numerical Optimization

H. N. Rosly, K. S. Rahman, M. N. Harif, Y. Yusoff, A. Wafi, M. A. Matin, S. Fazlili, N. Amin

5647 - 5653 |

Design and Evaluation of Finite and Small Antennas at 0.97 GHz for Lightning Remote Sensing

B. Y. Seah, M. R. Ahmad, A. A. Al Kahtani, M. R. M. Esa, M. A. B. Sidik, S. A. S. Baharin, M. H. M. Sabri, N. Yusop, M. Z. A. A. Aziz, A. S. Al-Khaleefa, N. A. Shairi, M. Z. A. AB. Kadir

5654 - 5662 |

The Evaluation of Parallel Plate Antenna with Variation of Air Gaps Separation and Copper Plate Area

S. A. Mohammad, M. R. Ahmad, A. A. Alkahtani, M. R. M. Esa, M. A. B. Sidik, Z. Nawawi, M. I. Jambak, S. A. S. Baharin, M. H. M. Sabri, N. Yusop, M. Z. A. A. Aziz, A. S. Al-Khaleefa, M. Z. A. A. B. Kadir

5663 - 5670 |

Design of Three Levels Electric Vehicle Charger Integrated PV System

Ali Saadon Al-ogaili, Ishak Bin Aris, Agileswari Ramasamy, Ahmad H. Sabry, Marayati Marsadek, Mohd Zainal Abidin Ab-Kadir, Ammar Ahmed Al-Kahtani

5671 - 5679 |

Prototype Development of Traffic Calming Solution: Replacing Speed Hump to Roller Electricity Generator Road

Shuhairy Norhisham, Muhammad Fadhlullah Abu Bakar, Chew Ting Liang, Ani Munirah Mohammad, Nor Hazwani Nor Khalid, Hidayah Basri, Nurul Hani Mardi

5680 - 5686 |

Numerical Simulation of Charge Accumulation and Transport within Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) Subjected to High Electrical Stresses

N. H. Nik Ali, A. Mohd Ariffin, M. S. Ab Rahman, N. H. Zaini, M. S. Abd Rahman, M. Osman, M. Z. A. Ab Kadir

5687 - 5692 |

Evaluation Residual Stress Relaxation Induced by Shot Peening Parameters and its Effect on Fatigue of 2024-T351 Aluminum Alloy

Fareg Saeid Ali, Abdoulhdi A Borhana Omran, Omar Suliman Zaroog

5693 - 5701 |

The load Reliant Power Transfer of the Series-to-Series Inductive Resonant Wireless Power Transfer

I Adam, S Khan, Z Zaharudin, K Abdul Kadir, A N Nurdin, M Yaacob, Ashraf Khalil

5702 - 5708 |

Harvesting Sustainable Energy from Saltwater: Part II – Effect of Electrode Geometry

N A Bani, H Mad Kaidi, M N Muhtazaruddin, A H Mohamed Rashidi, M Z Hassan, S Sarip, S Saleh, F Muhammad Sukki, S H Abu Bakar, A A Mas’ud, J Ardilla-Rey

5709 - 5717 |

Modelling and Simulation of 1.2 MWpTenaga Suria Brunei Photovoltaic Power Plant

Md. Qayyum, Mashkuri Bin Yaacob, A. Khalil, Z. Hamid, M. R. Uddin, A. S. Peng, S. Jaafar, I. Mohammed, S. Khan

5718 - 5727 |

Role of Social Sciences in Fostering Renewable Energy Technologies Development

M. Hajikhani, M. Izadi, M. Z. A. Ab Kadir, M. Osman

5728 - 5734 |

Failure Region Estimation of Linear Voltage Regulator Using Circuit Model-Based Virtual Sensing

M. H. M. Zaman, M. M. Mustafa, M. F. Ibrahim, N. A. M. Kamari, A. M. Moubark, A. Hussain

5735 - 5746 |

Climate Change Impact on Fisheries Sector in West Coast of Malaysia: Adaptive Strategy and Measures to Mitigate the Environmental Issues

S. Z. B. Zolkaply, L. Alam, L. F. Rahman, M. A. Bari, S. A. Halim, M. Mokhtar

5747 - 5755 |

An Estimation of the Coupling Coefficient of the Series Inductive Resonant Wireless Power Transfer Coils

I. Adam, Sheroz. Khan, Z. Zaharudin, K. Abdul Kadir, A. N. Nurdin, M. Yaacob

5756 - 5761 |

Building Energy Efficiency (BEE): Conventional and Unconventional Techniques

A. M. Al-Ghaili, H. Kasim, M. Othman, Z. A. Ibrahim, Z. Hassan

5762 - 5768 |

Application of Artificial Neural Networks on Measurement of Gas Hydrates in Pipelines

S. J Ai Krishna Sahith, Srinivasa Rao Pedapati, Bhajan Lal

5769 - 5774 |

Demand Response Programs in Conventional and Smart Grid Electricity Networks: Chronological Development in Different Regions

M. Shakeri, L. L. Theng, Rokonuzzaman ​, M. K. Mishu, J. Pasupuleti, S. K. Tiong, N. Amin

5775 - 5781 |

Technology Connectivity for Aviation Supply Chain Sustainability: A Conceptual Model

Nor Aida Abdul Rahman, Nor Azam Abdul Rahman, Mohammad Fakhrulnizam Mohammad, Md Fauzi Ahmad, Suzari Abdul Rahim, Fernando Mayor-Vitoria

5791 - 5798 |

Modern Approaches to the Evaluation of the Multidimensional Concept of Bilingualism and Linguodidactic Classifications of Children's Bilingualism

Victoria Kytina, Victoria Kurilenko, Natalia Kytina, Svetlana Elnikova

5804 - 5813 |

Small Scale Sub-Sonic Wind Tunnel-Design Construction and Performance Test

Nur Faraihan Zulkefli, Nurhayati Mohd Nur, Muhammad Al-‘Azam Abd Aziz, Wan Amirul Azree Wan Razali, Azmin Syakrine Mohd Rafie

5814 - 5817 |

Logistics Service Provider: Foundations, Innovation and Future Research Avenue

Nor Aida Abdul Rahman

5818 - 5822 |

Electricity Tariff Structure Optimization

N. Mohd Saad, Z. Abdullah

5823 - 5829 |

Nonionic Surfactants as Corrosion Inhibitors for Carbon Steel in Hydrochloric acid Medium

Sirisha Nallakukkala, Vinayagam Sivabalan, Bhajan Lal, Mokhtar Che Ismail, Nguyen Dang Nam

5830 - 5835 |

Development of Environmental Accounting and Reporting Practices of Listed Companies in Malaysia

M. S. Kamaruzaman, G. Hayder

5836 - 5840 |

Estimating Arsenic Concentration in Compost Production Using ANN Model

Majeed Safa, Daniel O'Carroll

5841 - 5846 |

Various Concentrations Testing of an Essential Oil (Eucalyptus) to Knock Down Mosquitoes

M A Idris, Z Hasan, Z F M Rafaai, M R Isa, N Asokumar, N Ravindran, S Muniandy, S K K Kurukkal, T Duraimanickam

5854 - 5860 |

Current Technology on Nutrients Removal, Recovery and Reuse from Liquid Fraction of Digestate

A Akhiar, M F M A Zamri, M Torrijos, A Battimelli, E Roslan, M Hanif, A H Shamsuddin, H Carrere

5861 - 5868 |

An assessment of Green Quality of Work Life Dimensions at Public Institutions in Malaysia

Siron Rusinah, Mohd Saad Noorazizun, Tasripan Amin

5869 - 5877 |

The Information Quality Dimensions and trust classifications in E-Commerce

Nor Farzana Abd Ghani, Huda Ibrahim, Mohd Khairudin Kasiran

5878 - 5889 |

An Exploration of Swarm Behavior and Design Human-Swarm Interaction Model

Mohammad Nuruzzaman, Azham Hussain, Omar Khadeer Hussain

5890 - 5903 |

An Exploratory Performance on the Determinants of Cloud-based E-Learning Adoption by ICT Professionals: A Nigerian Perspective

Abubakar Magira Tom, Wiwied Virgiyanti, Wan Rozaini

5904 - 5912 |

Low Head Dams Awareness in Malaysia

Siti Natasha Malik Fesal, Mas Fawzi, Mohd Rizan

5913 - 5920 |

Factors Influencing Retail Investor Behavior in Making Investment Decision: A Case of Bursa Malaysia

Ong Choon Hee, Chan Jun Boon, Tan Owee Kowang, Maizaitulaidawati Md Husin, Lim Lee Ping

5929 - 5934 |

Effect of Low Temperature on the Carbon- based Conductive Ink Resistivity for Flexible Printed Circuit

N. Buyamin, M. Z. Zainal, M. M. Zamberi, M. N. A. Noordin

5935 - 5940 |

Eco Friendly Video Transmission through Visible Light Communication Using Lighting Control Network

V. Malathy, S. M. Kamali, M. Anand

5945 - 5952 |

Diagnosis of Diabetes from Tongue Image Using Versatile Tooth-Marked Region Classification

G. Umadevi, V. Malathy, M. Anand

5953 - 5965 |

Detection of Crop Disease Using Segmentation and Monitoring Irrigation Control

V. Malathy, G. Umadevi, M. Anand

5966 - 5972 |

The Relationship between Customer Education and Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction: The Perspective on Islamic Banking in Malaysia

Khairul Firdaus Adrutdin, Kamisan Gadar, Jimisiah Jaafar, Nur Syafiqah A. Rahim, Sallaudin Hassan

5973 - 5984 |

The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Promoting Environmental Friendly Behaviour in Organization

Faiq Aziz, Nomahaza Mahadi, Zailin Zainal Ariffin

5985 - 5993 |

Solar Powered Boat

Ashraf Rohanim Asari, Razeen Rosham, Siti Nor Zawani Ahmmad

5994 - 6001 |

Malaysian Logisticians Competency for Low Level Manager: An Exploratory Study

Dazmin Daud, Wardatul Hayat Adnan, Bahri Mahmud

6002 - 6009 |

Triggers in PBL Using Animations and Graphics to Enhance Self-Directed Learning Readiness among TVET Students

Ariffin A, Hamzah N, Rubani S N K, Zakaria N, Wan Hassan W A S

6010 - 6017 |

Using Learning Objects as a Triggers for PBL in Industrial Technology Course

Ariffin A, Hamzah N, Rubani S N K, Zakaria N, Wan Hassan W A S

6018 - 6023 |

The Performance of Increase the Value State-Owned Enterprises Models in Indonesia

Mediaty ​, Yohanis Rura, Arifuddin ​, Agus Bandang, Anis Anshari Masud, Akil Alkhawari

6024 - 6029 |

Hiding Message in Text Steganography using RGB Color in Random Location

Baharudin Oman, Azman Yasin, Mohd Nizam Omar

6030 - 6037 |

Sustainable Development of the Textile Industry in Tirupur with ZLD

Udayashankara TH, Deepa Chandran

6038 - 6047 |

Developing Sustainability Performance Indicators (SPI) for the Textile Industry

Deepa Chandran, Udayashankara TH

6048 - 6064 |

Paradigms of Women Empowerment through Microfinance and SHGs

Poornima U. Kotehal, Prakash B. Yaragol

6082 - 6087 |

Financial inclusion through SHGs: A Initiatives for Inclusive Growth

Poornima U. Kotehal, Prakash Basanna

6088 - 6097 |

Extracting Features for Opinion Mining using Pointwise Mutual Information

N. Padmaja, T. Sudha

6098 - 6118 |

A Study on the Effect of Different Types of Bulbous Bow on Resistance of a Fishing Boat Using Maxsurf

M.S.P. Raju, P. Sivabalan, Toney Thamby, B. Saravanan

6119 - 6129 |

Marketing Responsibility of Street Vendors in Sustainable Tourism

G. Ilankumaran, T. Mathi

6130 - 6139 |

ECDD in Congestion Movement to Identify DDOS Attacks

S. Emearld Jenifer Mary, C. Nalini

6159 - 6163 |

Revamping Talent Acquisition and Retention of Employees at Private Sectors in Chennai

T. Rekha Kiran Kumar, Sanjana. R

6164 - 6170 |

Power Imbalance Control in Pv Power Plants Using Delta Connected Cascaded MLI

K. V. Thilagar, K. Mala, S. Vijaya Kumar, D. Chandrakala

6171 - 6176 |

Development of Smart Data Acquisition and Monitoring System for Maternal Health care

T. Mangayarkarasi, A. Shalini, G. Pavithra, P. Haritha, G. Kiruthiga

6177 - 6181 |

Numerical Investigation of Drillship Response with the Addition of Baffle Plates in the Moonpool

Sivabalan Ponnappan, MSP Raju

6182 - 6185 |

Analysis of Mems Based Gas Sensor

S. Sunithamani, R. Sanjay Naidu, V. Sudheep, C. Hemanthkumar

6186 - 6189 |

An Assessment of the Practicability of Lean Accounting in Healthcare Sector: Evidence from Anambra State, Nigeria

Rachael O. Iliemena, Goodluck ​, Amedu ​

6190 - 6207 |

Development of Flowshop Scheduling Simulator

Tedi Tri Ramdani, Luciana Abednego, Cecilia E. Nugraheni

6208 - 6214 |

An Empirical Research on Impact of Employees Engagement in Ashok Leyland Company Limited, Chennai

S. Arul Krishnan, M. Mohammed Thaha, M. Rajapriya, N. Kumar

6215 - 6221 |

A Researchon Indian Banking Ombudsman Scheme

C. Vijai, Sundari Suresh

6222 - 6226 |

The Impact of Social Media on Business Growth and Performance in Southern India

K. Senthil Kumar, C.B. Senthil Kumar, J. Sridevi, R. Mythili

6227 - 6232 |

Opportunities and Challenges in Promoting Business through Social Networking Sites

D. Jayanthi, S. Manju, N. Kowsalya

6237 - 6241 |

Promotional Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing at Chennai

Hameedunissa ​, K. Selvi, P. A. Thirupura Sundary

6242 - 6245 |

Quality Circle is Essential in Every Organization Why

R. Jayam, P. Annakili

6246 - 6249 |

The Challenges in Changes

M. Eunice Cordelia Yamini, P. S Priyadarshini

6250 - 6255 |

Music Onset Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network

R B Kulkarni

6256 - 6259 |

Effectiveness of Association Rule Mining in Medical Health Data

K. Mohankumar, S. Devi

6274 – 6283 |

A Researchon Customer Awareness towards Digital Wallet among People at Chennai City

Gunita Arun Chandhok, D. Sowmya

6284 - 6289 |

E- Service Quality Dimentions in Private Sector Banks

A. Suresh Kumar, Moideen Batcha, P. Selvarani

6290 - 6294 |

Role of Fringe Benefits in Boosting Employee Morale

C. Bala Krishnan, Suchithra ​

6295 - 6297 |

Buyer Preference towards Mcdonald’s at Chennai

Rahamath Nisha, S. Sameena, Fhammida Begum

6298 - 6300 |

Quality of Work Life (QWL) in it Sector– Indian Scenario

R. Balaji, J. Michael Mariadhas, K. Rajamani

6301 - 6304 |

Influence of Human Resource Practices on Supply Chain Performance of Automobile Firms in Chennai

M. Sheeba, S. Latha, A. Shameem

6317 - 6321 |

Influence of HR Practices on Employee Commitment in ITES Organisations in Chennai

A. Shameem, J. Rengamani

6322 - 6328 |

FPGA based Parallel Filters Error Correction Codes using Hamming Code

Raju Katru, M. Chandrasekher

6329 - 6335 |

Smart Image Security using Image Processing Techniques

V. S. S. P. Raju Gottumukkala, N. Kumaran, V. Chandra Sekhar

6348 - 6350 |

Intelligent Digital Transformation Mechanism of 2D image to Realistic 3D Object using image Processing Algorithm

M. Narasimha Raju, N. Kumaran, V. Chandra Sekhar

6351 - 6355 |

Spectral And Spatial Correlation Fusion Based Hyperspectral Image Super Resolution

G. Bindhu Bhargavi, R. Sudheer Babu

6356 - 6362 |

Detection of Brain Tumor through MRI Images by Multiresolution Segmentation

Abdul Subhani Shaik, Ram Kumar Karsh, Mohiul Islam

6363 - 6367 |

Dual - Band Notched Semi Circular Monopole Antenna for UWB Applications

B. Premalatha, MVS Prasad, MBR Murthy

6368 - 6372 |

Automated Detection and Segmentation of Glioma Tumor Using Anfis Classification

D. Usha Sree, G. Amjad Khan

6373 - 6381 |

System for Tracking Passengers Insidethe Airport using IOT

G. Prasanna Rani, N. Bhagya Laxmi, B. Mounika

6382 - 6386 |

16 Bit Vedic Arithmatic& Logic Unit

T. Swapna Rani, C. Nirmala, Srilaxmi. P

6387 - 6393 |

Advanced Safety System in Automobiles

B. Kumar Sanjiv, Pandu Ranga. V, Anil Santi

6394 - 6400 |

Machine Learning based Copy-Move Forgery Detection with Forensic Psychology Ultra-Hd images

Sudha ‎, Y. Chalapathi Rao, G. Jagga Rao

6401 - 6406 |

Detection of Printed Circuit Board Faults using Bottom-Hat Filter

D. Vijaya Kumar, S. Usha

6407 - 6411 |

Smart Safety System using Raspberry PI

K. Rama Rao, K. Uday Kumar, V. Panduranga

6412 - 6416 |

Band Width Optimization in Blind Channels

B. Vamsi Krishna, B. Chakradar

6417 - 6422 |

Inter-Carrier Interference Reduction in Broadband Wimaxand LTE using Improved Firefly Method

Rajidi Sahithi, T. V. Ramana

6423 - 6428 |

Design and Implementation of Synchronized Robust Router

Harsha Priya .M, Nirmala .C

6429 - 6432 |

A Game Analysis for Channel Allocation in Adhoc Networks

B. Vamsi Krishna, B. Chakradar

6433 - 6438 |

Enhancement of Image Using SMQT Technique

S. Krishnaveni, Jyothi Aitha, M. Veda Chary

6439 - 6444 |

Resolution of Stressed Assets in Indian Banks – Recent Legal Developments

Aishwarya Tripathi, Semanti Choudhury, Semanti Choudhury

6489 - 6502 |

How to Frame a Good Hypothesis in Research?

Atmaram Shelke

6514 - 6520 |

Green Building Systems in the NCR Region of India

Saurabh Verma, Satya N. Mandal, Deepak Bajaj

6527 - 6536 |

Cigarette Smoke Alarm System via Website

Siti Munira Yasin, Atiqah Nasir, Mohamad Fahmi Hussin

6537 - 6546 |

On the Development of Expert Systems

Rustam A. Burnashev, Albert V. Gubaydullin, Arslan I. Enikeev

6570 - 6575 |

Smart Detection of Sunlight using Arduino on Solar Power Systems

Supriyono ​, Hassan Khamis Hassan, Marwan Effendy

6576 - 6584 |

Improving the QoS of Recommender Systems using Adaptive Machine Learning

Mukul M. Bhonde, Pramod N. Mulkalwar

6585 - 6591 |

Exploring the use of Machine Learning for Highly Accurate Text-based Information Retrieval System

Chandrashekhar Himmatrao Sawarkar, Pramod N. Mulkalwar

6592 - 6599 |

Determinants of over the Counter (OTC) Purchasing Behavior of Medicines in the Pharmaceutical Industry

C. Kathiravan, S. Dinesh, P. Mahalakshmi, V. Suresh, A. Rajasekar

6600 - 6607 |

Improving Quality Management Methods in Manufacturing SMEs: A Conceptual Framework

Rami Ba Raidah, S. Sulaiman, M. K. A. Arrifin, E. E. Supeni

6608 - 6613 |

The Values of Social Education and Cultural Education in Topeng Endel Character as a Woman Role Model in Topeng Tegal Folklore

Rosaliana Intan Pitaloka, Andayani ​, Suyitno ​

6614 - 6619 |

IoT Based Climate-Smart Agriculture

Dr. Vishal Kumar Goar, Mr. Pawan Tanwar, Dr. Manoj Kuri

6620 - 6624 |

Work Posture Analysis using WERA and NERPA Methods in Batik Workers

Indah Pratiwi, Rista Setyowati, Ahmad Kholid Alghofari, Ratnanto Fitriadi

6625 - 6633 |

Reflection studies of Millimeter wave (35 GHz) by foliage in desert region of Thar, India

Indu Bhuria, Rajeev Pourush, D. R. Godara

6634 - 6637 |