Background/Objectives: It has managed the supply power by changing the demand load in the power system. It was necessary to plan power supply and demand for power system stabilization. The Supply power was need to ancillary power for service supply power stability that was improved the power quality.
Methods/Statistical analysis: It was analyzed to secure reserve power by load fluctuation. The analysis method was used statistical analysis that the sigma distribution probability. Power system data was calculated average time by variation rate that has been shown the average load and standard deviation load. The data was shown to using each average value from real-time to 15 [min].
Findings: The load fluctuation was shown by operating large capacity load. It should be corresponding the load fluctuation that was analyzed by reserve power type. Reserve power was used to decrease LOLP (Loss of Load Probability). It was examined power supply stability by reserve power in ancillary service. It could be deduced to improvement that secure reserve power capacity by matched domestic power system.
Improvements/Applications: It should be applied the generator operation, an energy storage system for peak mitigation by technical measures the load fluctuations and to ensure the reserve power.