Establishment and focus: In modern society, the maximum of health is said to be the stress of the body and mind. Unnecessary tension and stress that arise in busy life are the source of all kinds of diseases. Stress is a source of panacea and affects both physical and mental health, causing stress-related disorders as well as various diseases and disorders. Stress is so diverse that interest is growing as a fundamental cause for a wide range of diseases. In addition, the cost of treating stress-related diseases is increasing every year. Therefore, it is important to prevent stress-related illness before it occurs. In recent years, various methods for alleviating stress have been known, and a method of stimulating the hand is widely used.
System: Therefore, stressful diseases in the modern society are of interest, and various research and development are actively conducted to measure, manage, and prevent stress in advance. Therefore, in this paper, we performed comparison and analysis according to the degree of stress using the web service using the voice signal analysis technology. The voice analysis web service applied in this study utilized vocal vibration, degree of voice break, and 2 formant frequency bandwidth. This study was conducted to analyze the effect of hand pressure point stimulation that relieves stress in everyday life.