Background/Objectives: Efficient event processing shortens the processing time of events, and enhances the quality and availability of information by providing real-time visibility to organizations. In an era of IoT (Internet of Things).

Methods/Statistical analysis: For handling reactive systems, a kind of ECA (Event-Condition-Action) languages are mainly used for event processing since they have a concrete and intuitive foundation. However, existing ECA rules reveal some limitations when it deals with the processing of complex events such as the tight coupling of event producers and consumers.

Findings: The objective of this paper is to propose an ECA rule pattern classification to remedy current limitations of the ECA rule for complex event processing (CEP) effectively and efficiently, develop a prototype system to show the usefulness of proposed ECA rule pattern.

Improvements/Applications: Existing ECA rule is further classified into 3 parts, and each part is patterned to meet the current requirements for handling complex events in real time enterprise. Finally, event processing rule is executed by assembling the relevant elements of the 3 parts of the proposed ECA rule pattern.