Establishment and focus: Recently, with the development of the fourth industrial revolution technology, autonomous driving technology has been recognized as a living space where mobility is secured from simple moving means. In addition, it changes the fundamental concept of automobiles and predicts new industrial paradigm values as well as social, economic and technological changes. Autonomous driving reduces the driver's burden on drivers, thereby increasing production and leisure time in the car. However, there are many obstacles to commercialization of autonomous vehicle technology. Therefore, in this paper, we design a trainer system for autonomous vehicle education.

System: In this paper, we design a trainer system for autonomous vehicle education. For this purpose, we designed the integration module connection and driving part control mechanism of various sensors necessary for autonomous driving car education. In detail, based on the driving part control part based on Arduino, the autonomous vehicle related technologies such as camera image recognition, LIDAR sensor, ultrasonic sensor, laser scanner, GPS sensor, and driving motor are integrally modularized and linked. As autonomous vehicle technology develops, autonomous vehicle technology education and educational trainer system should be developed and developed. Therefore, autonomous driving education system and trainer system can be developed through autonomous driving system designed in this paper.