Establishment and focus: This paper aims to develop a system that can control RC cars in five directions: forward, backward, left, right, and stop using EEG signals to apply BCI-based technology. The Neurosky’s Mindwave device headset is used to measure brainwave signals and the Arduino Uno is used as a microcontroller for RC car control. The NeuroSky’s eSense algorithm is used to represent mental state.  The communication between the EEG headset and the PC was via Bluetooth and the communication between PC and Arduino for RC car control is done via Wi-Fi. The EEG signals are converted into attention and meditation values to present mental states.

System: The developed system can control RC car in 5 directions (forward, backward, right, left, and stop) by using EEG measured in real time. The wearable EEG mobile headset is used for user convenience. We have developed a web-based program to run on mobile devices. The program consists of RC car control module and EEG status information module. The RC car control module is for inducing user’s RC car direction control. This module displays arrows for direction selection and number of eye blinking. When the arrow is in the desired direction, user blink his/her eyes to select the direction. The EEG status information module shows the attention and meditation values of the user and power value for each frequency band in real time. This module reflects the user’s EEG status when the user wants to keep the RC car moving in the specified direction. The developed system has more than 80% accuracy when changing the direction of RC car. Also, the direction of RC car is changed within 1 second after the direction selection is made in WEB GUI program. The developed system can be used for wheelchair operation or other external device control technology for people with discomfort such as stroke or spinal cord paralysis patients.