Green operations is a concept with regard to environmental management strategies. The purpose of this research is to explore the empirical green operations activities found in the literature, and to develop a framework for formulating appropriate strategies for hospital green operations especially with regard to the management of medical waste it was reviewed with the concept of green operation of hospital. This research will be conducted with a qualitative explorative approach and case study research. The research case is hospital which start to implement green operation in medical waste management. After providing a background discussion on Green Operations Management, case study research conducted in the hospital medical waste management. The case study analysis conducted according to a specific conceptual model of green operations especially in waste management. The results indicate that The hospital has begun to implement green operations specifically with regard to managing medical waste. The suitability of the hospital program with the Decree of the Indonesian health minister No.1204 of 2004, indicated by the fact that at present the hospital has fulfilled 6 of 9 points for minimizing medical waste. In the sorting section, it has fulfilled 4 of 6 points. The hospital has also fulfilled 3 points in the transportation section. There are 7 points that explain how to process, destroy and dispose of hospital solid waste.