Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) is India's fourth-biggest division. Inside the locale there are three crucial sections–dinners and fluids that owed cash for 18 after a penny of the world, human services that owe 32 with respect to the penny and family unit, and individual consideration with regard to the penny's obligations for the last 50. FMCG bunches play an essential role in our daily lives. Starting with tooth glue, cleansers, using things step by step and many others. The Indian commercial center is dominated by FMCG associations and is set to grow further. Some monstrous gamers have been seen by the FMCG business yet interruption through new players has also altered the circumstance of India. Names such as HUL, ITC, Nestle and New Entrant Patanjali are included in the top Indian FMCG organisations. Watching and analyzing the FMCG Sector in Chennai District is the basic description of this article. This paper has some experience in FMCG Sector Significance, FMCG Development in India, Three Significant Portions of FMCG, Chennai FMCG Sector Growth, FMCG Sector Challenges, Market Share of Companies. The information has been gathered from several assets of verification, comparably to books, diaries, sites, and papers.