Operational amplifiers (Opamp) are the key parts of construction in most of the digital and analog circuit applications, leading to the need for the researchers to work on the bandwidth and gain to meet out the demands of integrated circuits market.The proposed work is Floating Gate MOSFET (FGMOS) based two stage Opamp construction in order to achieve high gain, less offset voltage with better bandwidth. Such Opamp finds wider usage in integration, summation units of synapse multiplier circuit, active filters. Bandwidth utilization can be increased from MHz range to GHz range by usage of FGMOS based Opamp. The proposed work achieved a bandwidth of 1.337 GHz and gain of 160db with 1.1pF load capacitance which are capable of driving large load capacitances. The above work is simulated in Cadence Virtuoso with 180 nm technology with +1.8V/-1.8V supply voltage.