This writing aims to explain how the role of Jatropha cultivation in a sustainable economy. The background of this writing is because the fuel that we use so far comes from fossil energy sources, fossil energy has a limited nature. With the increasing need for motorized vehicles every year, the increasing need for fossil fuels is needed. Of course, this can lead to a significant imbalance between the number of motorized vehicle users and the number of available energy reserves, besides that it can affect how the air quality in the country and the city. This writing uses using qualitative literature study methods. The author collects data with observation techniques. The results of this paper concluded that the Jatropha plant has a role in a sustainable economy. This is because fence distance has properties as renewable energy, jatropha also has several other economic benefits. As we know sustainable economies in the development of the use of natural resources today to meet the needs of not having to sacrifice the needs or rights of future generations. Also, Jatropha has several advantages when compared to oil palm.