Entrepreneurship has gained more importance in worldwide, currently in shooting up the economic status of the individual and nation. At the same time, it's a known fact that, all entrepreneurs are not travelling in success path, as many factors are to be considered and dealt parallely to make their business a successful one. This paper deals about the Jeddah city - small scale entrepreneurs with regards to their perception, attitude, competency and self-efficacy, with regards to gender differences. So to explore their efficiency with their success rate, this study undertook data from around 250 SME entrepreneurs in Jeddah City. Pilot Study was undertaken to test the validity and reliability of the questionnaire. Convenient sampling was adopted to collect the data from the respondents. And reliable statistical tools were incorporated to analyze and evaluate the data in finding out the level of existence of entrepreneurial talents, existing among them.  This article investigated and lime lighted many supporting factors that advances the growth and development of the entrepreneurs. Based on the research findings, the required changes in characters of entrepreneurs can be identified and further efforts can be taken to fill these gaps, with the help of supporting / training/ government agencies. The ultimate benefit of this study will be attained only if the SME entrepreneurs know their ability and thereby to advance their career with updating talents and technologies.