Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is a burning issue of the world. Through ESD, the world wants to bring awareness among the future generation in maintenance of healthy natural environment and shaping a sustainable future. This requires a re-orientation of current education systems, where economical growth goes hand in hand with environmental integrity and social justice. ESD never be considered as a new subject in the field of study as it deals with real –life issues which have an impact both locally and globally. It develops not only knowledge of particular subject but also it improves certain values and world-views. Besides this, certain values, unsustainable practices such as collaboration and creativity, empathy and honesty are being imparted. Topics such as planting trees, water conservation etc., should be incorporated in curriculum. Therefore ESD brings surrounding world, people and cultural heritage into limelight. Inter disciplinary and cross – curricular work have been developed through Inquiry Based Learning. ESD focuses on managerial approach and ignoring the current trends in education, influenced by global capitalism. Therefore, issue of future sustainability can be dealt with the societies which are flexible, adaptive and resilient.   Imparting innovative education for sustainable development in the curriculum for all level of students will create a hope for better future.