The most common diseases found among middle aged people are heart and pulmonary inflammation related. In case of unpredictable heart dysfunctions at any time events, they require immediate medical attention to save their life. Saving the time in between is critical. Defibrillation is a procedure by which an electronic device gives an electrical sign to heart which can recapture hearts typical rhythm. It is performed to address hazardous arrhythmias and to prevent cardiac arrest. The initial segment of the paper intends to structure a framework which is fit for following the area of cardiovascular patients and furthermore checking of pulse alarms in the event of crisis through SMS to predefined numbers. In the present scenario implantable cardioverter defibrillator are used by cardiac patients for preventing sudden cardiac disorders. But only a few patients are able to implant ICDs because of its complex surgical procedures. The wearable defibrillator is an appropriate solution for those patients who cannot use implantable defibrillators. In the second part of the paper aims to design a portable device to monitor the severity of several lungs function parameters and record the data of pulmonary inflammatory patients (asthmatic). In this device consists of a chemical sensor pressure sensor and heart rate sensor. The electrochemical sensors are used to measure the nitrous oxide, oxygen, carbon monoxide. Information got by chemical sensor sent to the microcontroller that changed over a concentrated worth.This paper deals with providing a monitoring device which continuously monitors the asthmatic patients by using ZIGBEE. Now a days the classic defibrillator, spirometry and peak flow meter are used but they are non portable one and inconvenient to use. This work makes an easy to use, exact, versatile outer mobile device extra that gathers tolerant data with continuous home monitoring system and transferring the information by telemetric system and also delivers appropriate amount of shock to the patient and makes the heart rate normal.