In modern era, energy utilization is a serious problem in wireless sensor network. It is proposed that the usage of power is powerfully balanced with the high searching capability of Harmonic Search Algorithm (HSA). Though, centrality in finding the route is measured as an utmost dispute in finding the essential node in WSN, thus, the Shortest Path Operator Calculus Centrality (SPOCC) is utilized to optimize the centrality harms in routing. The SPOCC locates the main routing path using HSA and high centrality node is estimated by Modified Particle Swarm Optimization (MPSO) algorithm, so guarantee best possible routing with reduced power consumption. Introduction of MPSO improves the life span of nodes with its dynamic capability. The proposed hybrid algorithm result has been evaluated by means of the various result metrics like Packet Delivery Ratio(PDR), average End-to-End Delay, throughput and average residual power in smart grid outdoor transmission environment and the result shows the proposed hybrid algorithm attain enhanced progress in terms of reduced delay and high residual power than the existing algorithm.