Since 1840, China had came to the greatest panic so far. When Qian Long, the emperor of Qing dynasty, refused to accept any technology or culture from foreign countries, Great Britain used its military strength and eventually opened the gate of China, which had been closed for long centuries. Subsequently, inspired by imperialism and militarism derived from industrial development, Japan, the United States and other capitalism countries attacked China separately. In the 20th century, Sun Yat-Sen, who then became the president of China, realized that China must have a revolution to strengthen itself by eliminating old governing system and getting rid of semi-colonial and semi-feudal society.

History formed nowadays’ society, and individuals composed the society. Therefore, analyzing the impact of history on people is important to understand the nature of a society’s change. For instance, Sun Yat-sen proposed land reform during XinHai revolution, which gave peasants equal land so that they were capable of developing agriculture after Qing Dynasty’s ending. Oppositely, land lords failed to find opportunity to capture enough lands after XinHai revolution. Therefore, the revolution was not successful to them. Rather than a political revolution, XinHai Revolution was actually a huge social change during the period of rapid reforming of the world 20th century.

Most historiography believed that XinHai revolution was eventually failed. Micheal Lynch, an American historian, claimed that Yuan Shikai was in no sense a revolutionary due to the fact that he was motivated to hate republicanism and was tended to reconstruct the empire; After Sun gave his president role to Yuan, he suddenly took control of revolution and established his empire, which eventually made the revolution unsuccessful. However, the purpose of this essay was to emphasize the social impact rather than just political impact, which means that the revolution could be successful in the aspect of individuals and society. Therefore, the entire essay will focus on how did Chinese people think of XinHai Revolution. It could be successful, and it could be unsuccessful as well depends on different people. rprocessors and systems. Has been summed and a carry propagated into the next position. The major speed limitation in any adder is in the production of carries.