Several issues have been raised recently concerning the future of our plant. How to grow without destroying the environment where we live? Become the main question nowadays, and to find the answer there are several researches have been conducted that covers different fields of knowledge. Business sector is one of the sectors that has been involved through the influence of their processes on the environment. Green practices are one of the trends in the market nowadays. However, several obstacles hinder the movement towards green growth goals. Hence, determining factors that can lead to establish green processes within the organization is one of the key concerns of the academicians and practitioners Therefore, this is a conceptual paper that shares the perspective of the authors concerning this issue. In this paper, the authors introduce a few strategic steps that need to be taken by companies to enhance the successful possibilities of green initiatives. Accordingly, proactive green market orientation along with green knowledge management are two important strategies that need to be implemented by the companies before taking serious steps along the green path. The main target of these two suggested approaches is to reduce the risk and the bad impacts of failure.