Differential Pulse Voltammetric technique has been used to study the electrochemical beaviour of Hydroquinone (HQ) on Graphite electrode (GE), GE /Poly Furfurylamine (PFA), GE / Multiwalled Carbon Nano Tubes(MWCNTs ), GE/MWCNTs /PFA in the present and absent of Catechol(CC) .A three – electrodes detection system was employed consist of  bare or modified graphite electrodes as the working electrode , silver /silver chloride saturated potassium chloride (Ag/AgCl,sat.KCL) as reference electrode and 1.0 mm dimeter platinum wire(Pt-wire) as auxiliary electrode.Calibration curves were constructed for each working electrode under the optimum conditions, stability and the effect of pH have been examined ,the standard deviation (S.D) and R2 values have been calculated .The best working electrode was the GE modified by MWCNTs with PFA polymer ,a modification electrode was successfully applied for simultaneous determination of HQ in mixture containing CC.