In this study, an investigation of the flexural behavior of concrete beams with mid-span openings was implemented using different combinations of four specimens. The first specimen has no opening, as a reference beam (M-R). The other three samples have square openings of dimensions 100 mm in the mid-span. Two beams have been propped up with square steel tubes having two thicknesses, that is 2mm called (M-HS2), and 3mm(M-H). The fourth sample was left without reinforcement and called (M-H). The specimens used all have dimensions of 250 mm height and 150 mm width with a span of 90 cm. Digital Image Correlation (DIC) technique was implemented to measure the strains, displacements, and cracking behavior. The results indicate that the steel tube reinforcements of the opening significantly enhance the bending response of the R.C. beams.