With  Islamic Theology of Mu’tazilate, Harun Nasution  has succeed to discover  the  intellect  of  Students after it  was  covering  by  majority of Indonesian Asy’arian Theology through  Islamic Education  System in Islamic Studies Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. They brought them to solve their problem of life by supplicating to Allah. Harun Nasution brought them to solve it, by using their intellect’s production. He believes that the problem’s solving of life was not enough by supplicating to Allah, but it was also needs the scientist and technology’s production. For example, in health and transportation, human needs medicines, plan or boat, etc. So he has idea to develop   object   of study from Islamic Religion only to be integrated with science and technology in Islamic Studies Jakarta. And he was also developed it to   become Islamic State University (UIN). In the case, he was succeeding.  And then, his idea was   followed by others figure of Islamic Studies, in Indonesia. So several Islamic State Universities were raised and exist in Indonesia. The Students of it were Muslims and non-Muslims. Among of them were   from abroad. The alumnus of Islamic State Universities was Religious Scientist-Technology. They were contributors to world civilization for getting good life. For spiritual life, everyone on the world needs religion’s doctrine. For material life, he needs scientist and technology’s production. When the two basics needs of life were fulfilled, the good life of every one will be realized. So in this case, Harun Nasution’s thought and action above were his contribution to world civilization highly and factually for getting good life. So he was an Indonesian Muslim Contributor to world civilization.