The purpose of this study is to examine and to analyze and find the ideal legal protection for Indonesian migrant workers based on the value of Pancasila justice. The research method used was empirical juridical. In this study the data used were primary data and secondary data. The collected data was analyzed descriptively and analytically. The legal theory of law and justice protection is used as an analysis knife. The results of the study found that the legal protection of Indonesian migrant workers is still a concern, where the rights of Indonesian Migrant Workers as mandated by legislation are still violated and ignored. Therefore legal protection based on the value of Pancasila justice includes through preventive protection, where IMW must have soft skills and hardskills. The repressive supervision and assistance is done to ensure IMW rights are fulfilled during the destination country and IMW monitoring until returning to the beloved Indonesian homeland. So it is very important to provide education and skills for post-repatriation IMWs so as not to become IMWs for life, of course there needs to be restrictions on IMW.