Language is only tool for communication and knowledge for individual and group.  Languages are central theme of communication in every aspect of human Endeavour.  With modern day of India,  It is necessary  When a company has to meet global clients  to have a good knowledge of the required language like tradition, education, cultural and food and other social events.  Increase in interrelationship business accelerating globally with a rapid rate. Like indian Business firms, and entrepreneurs  operating in the country like Infosys, TCS, HCL, L&T , IBM , Amazon, Accenture, Samsung, LG, Genpact required good and healthy language communication, The modern technology has made the world global village, more than ever, the language barrier has to be broken.  Following the exploit of globalization, knowing just mother tongue is not enough.   The global entire business environment is recruiting for language experts, trainers, translators, and software developers. The level of understanding and ability to spell put a foreign language is additional employability skill in the recent past. The language skills help to serve the global clients in a better manner. Many MNCs prefer to have the employees with multiple language knowledge and ability to speak.