Stress is a state of physical, mental and emotional reaction that results from the  response of the  individual towards environmental pressure.  This paper examines the stress coping strategies among the employees in Information Technology sector. This study examines the  various factors that causes  stress among the IT sector employees and it analyzes the various coping  strategies practiced by the IT sector employees in order to overcome the stress and to maintain work life balance in the course of their employment. Descriptive Research  Design was adopted for the present study and both primary and secondary data were utilized to draw conclusions from this study. The sample size fixed for this study was 120 and the sample respondents were  drawn from four identified IT companies in the Hyderabad region. Data was collected with the help of a structured questionnaire and the statistical  analysis was conducted by using Chi-square test and ANOVA. The study concludes that  there exists a significant mean difference between the age factor of the respondents and the stress coping strategies practiced by them for balancing their work life.