Physically challenged people are difficult to drive the tricycle in long distance, because the people are less stamina to drive the vehicle compare to normal human being. Most of the handicapped people don’t have enough stamina to drive the bicycle as well tricycle even a small distance. So, generally handicapped people are habituate to travel by bus with more crowd, another side to climb staircase bus as well the siting seat arrangement is not comfortable. In market four wheel petrol engine vehicle are available but more costly, weight as well as required continuous maintenance. Regularly spent some saving amount to fuel. The another difficult of the vehicle are more weight to balance, less flexibility and it produce harmful gases (CO2, SO4) to environment. The alternative solution of electric vehicle too available in the market with more cost around 50,000 rupees and above. So in this article design and analysis the low cost hybrid tricycle with peddle as well solar photo-voltaic electric charging system was discussed. The proposed electric tricycle contains multiple features such as automatic charge system through solar photo-voltaic panel, battery level indication, wireless speedometer, drive up-to 60KM without expectation of charging station, comfortable to drive two members, etc. In addition with, the proposed vehicle operate on both conventional peddle as well electric battery system with as-usual weight.