In the real world, every sector such as commercial or industrial LEDs are configured efficiently in terms of lighting outcome and energy consumption. In residential areas, modern techniques and controlling of LEDs lighting are on higher demand. The basic objective is to provide PWM dimming in range 1-10v for two LEDs stripe, warm white (WW) and cool white (CW) along with RGB LEDs. Dimming control of bi-color LEDs is operated on android mobile. Along with controlling process, it is necessary to preserve the desired light level which includes intensity and temperature of it at that point. The most vital thing to be considered for controlling the light level at a minimum level, along with conserving the carved light intensity. Here, by providing the PWM dimming, brightness and CCT is obtained by proper regulation of light. Compared to various continuous current dimming methods, PWM signal gives lesser levels of light intensity and also behaves highly linear in control. To get the required outcome, closed loop system with non-linear feedback method is used for dimming control. In surplus, RGB LEDs stripe is used for measuring intensity and CCT of light by providing 1-10v range dimming.