In the Smart Grid (SG), all different types of Non-conventional sources are interrelated among the power grid system to improve quality, consistency, and steadiness by using smart and sophisticated devices.  This paper propose the hybrid algorithm utilized Distributed Power Flow Controller (DPFC) for detecting and mitigation of the Power quality (PQ) events in SG. The hybrid algorithm is the combination of Cuttle Fish Algorithm (CFA) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm. The main purpose of the proposed system is detecting the voltage disturbances in the PQ events of the power system and improvement of PQ in voltage disturbances of power system using DPFC based hybrid algorithm.  Here, the Multi Wavelet Transform (MWT) is utilized to extract the features of the inputs for PQ events detection. The anomalous practices of PQ occasions are relieved by the cross breed calculation base DPFC. The proposed half and half calculation is used to support the Dc-connect voltage of DPFC for remunerate the O/P voltage to alleviate the PQ Issues. At long last, the presentation of proposed half and half strategy is execute in Matlab/Simulink stage and contrasted and the current methods, for example, FA-UPFC, Without DPFC and ABC-DPFC individually.