Huge information gives current need to information stockpiling with an adaptable and dynamic stockpiling that can develop. Data uprightness is the conservation and the assurance of the precision and consistency of information over its whole life-cycle. Information region is the fundamental element for giving quick recuperation of information in the capacity condition. In the current work, Meta Data Indexing and Integrity Checking are utilized for traffic burden adjusting and recuperation of lost information part utilizing remote check in distributed storage. The primary disadvantage of the prior framework, it uses dispersed access for checking and recuperation of information, which may once in a while prompts time delay. In the proposed framework, we use TPA based Integrity Verification and Data Recovery, which may help in decreasing the time postponement and traffic befuddle mistakes. The framework utilizes Third Party Auditor, that will be confirm the status of the servers in each occasional interims for the lost association or information. The client documents will be portioned and sent to the servers and the list will be spared in the TPA. The fundamental preferences of the proposed framework is progressively proficient, higher investigative of information records, tedious.