Sun oriented vitality advances are need of great importance due to the consumption of the current regular vitality assets. The significant bit of leeway of sun oriented vitality is the eco benevolent nature and plentiful accessibility. The issue of sounds perseveres wherever in the force framework at whatever point nonstraight burden or static gadgets are included. A definitive objective of the force framework to convey quality capacity to the purchaser. The paper portrays the novel strategy for utilizing Shunt dynamic force channel in brace interfaced PV framework in nearness of static burdens which show non linearity among voltage and current. This framework gives VAR remuneration and furthermore takes care about music utilizing hang control strategy. The sun-oriented module is associated the force channel, where the DC-DC converter acts an interfacing medium. The sun-oriented module is joined with a suitable force following calculation which surpases the impediments of the standard conventional strategy. The reproduction study shows the viability of the proposed framework. MATLAB Simulink stage is used to exhibit the uniqueness of the proposed framework.