The DC-DC Converter topology is considered to be the important and most convenient circuit interfacing option for the Renewable Energy related applications. Enhancing the Efficiency of the non-conventional Energy based System is of the major concerns in recent days. Keeping in view of the fact that, there shall be rapid extinction of fossil fuels in coming nearby years, it is very crucial aspect to study about the renewable energy based interfacing circuitry which is suitable for facilitating MPPT as well as other related applications to Photovoltaic systems. As far as Renewable Energy Systems is concerned, the DC-DC converter topology should facilitate the energy harvesting option to the maximum extent which should be extracted from PV Array respectively. The DC-DC Converter along with Solar Photovoltaic Array connecting the Load is simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK Environment. The comparison between the buck and boost converter topologies which is connected as photovoltaic interface to PV array is presented in this paper.