The objective of this work is to investigate the toughness property of the fibre braced self-compacting concrete (FRSCC) through preliminary considers. Fibbers’ are used to arrest the cracks in the concrete, and also improve the toughness property of the concrete. Right now, (0.5%, 1.0%, 1.5%, and 2%) percent of steel strands are included by volume of concrete and (0.5% and 1.0%) percent of polypropylene filaments are included .The mix plan of self-compacting concrete has been done by the EFNARC rules. The limitations also achieved according to the European guidelines. By using different types of fibers the toughness property of the FRSCC has been studied. It has been observed that the toughness increased with an increase in % of fibers up to 1.5%. While an increase in % fibre content beyond 1.5% resulted in lower toughness for the steel fibers. It gives the sole the limitation of steel fiber for SCC is up to 1.5% of the volume of concrete. The comparative study also reported for mechanical properties of polypropylene fiber reinforced self-compacting concrete.