Agriculture is creating employment more than 60 percent directly and indirectly. Agriculture is a backbone of our Indian economy. Generally agriculture produce is marketed through different channels. Among that commission agents are playing an important role. Farmers are cheated by those commission agents and they are not getting reasonable return. So, the study is focused on marketing practices of agricultural products.

As the study is empirical in nature it consists of primary data. The data is collected from sample of 200 farmers. The farmers are selected based upon convenient sampling technique. The research instrument used for the study is Questionnaire. Likert’s Rating scale was used to analyze the marketing problems faced by the farmers in the study area. Tools used to analyze the data are frequency, percentage, ranking and One Way ANOVA.

From the analysis it is clear that among marketing problems price fluctuation was ranked I with mean score of 128.2 which means most of the farmers are facing problems in price fluctuations of agricultural produce. From the analysis it is observed that there is a significance difference between facing marketing problems with respect to age, educational qualification, farming experience, cultivation land extent and cultivation land position.