Animals possess a significant role in the shaping of Earth. In spite of this, they are misused for erroneous purposes like animal experimentation which is done in order to introduce new medicines for humans and animal diseases. Scrutinizing on such poor creatures depicts the callous nature of humans which are asymmetrical. Animal rights are not just an ideology-it is a movement for the sake of animals as to protect them for the sacrilegious looks of humans. The exploitation of animals would lead one to trouble due to existing animal rights which has the power to hold on to the centre of credibility. Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water throws light into this denigrate condition of animals which is rising day by day in the contemporary world. Thus, this research paper shakes hand with Toro’s visual imagery of the experimentation in the Amphibian Man to the unethical happenings in the present world. It also answers to the rhetorical question of “Why animals?”.