The current problem of reducing the volume of bank investment lending in the face of economic risks and unstable macroeconomic processes in the country does not allow businesses to develop their long-term investment projects. Analysis of the volume of bank investment lending in Uzbekistan by using statistical and mathematical methods was carried out. There are given a methodology for assessing the forms and technologies of investment lending and the effectiveness of investment projects. Analysis of bank investment lending showed a decreasing dynamics of investment lending to Uzbek enterprises in the real sector of the economy. There was also demonstrated the dependence of enterprises on conventional bank funds and external loans with a decreasing share of enterprises’ funds in the total loan portfolio. The results are relevant in connection with the changing economic situation in the country and the world, show the growing difficulties of investment lending to enterprises by commercial banks. This affects the development of investment projects of enterprises and the economy of the country as a whole. Thus, the study shows the importance of the interaction of enterprises and banks in investment lending.