As of late with the developing acknowledgments starting late, with the creating affirmation of conveyed registering, data redistributing has gotten an extensively used organization. Similarly, to ensure insurance and security of tricky data, it is basic to encode the data before redistributing it to the cloud. Because of such requirements, reversible data stowing endlessly in encoded picture (RDH-EI) has gotten gigantic interest from the masters. In this proposed work, another framework for RDHEI is reliant on invertible picture change not under any condition like the customary RDH-EI frameworks. In this procedure, instead of delivering and taking care of the encoded picture in befuddled structure (figure moulded picture) which may successfully pull in the thought of intruders or software engineers, it empowers the customer to change over the semantical substance of extraordinary picture into the semantical substance of uninhibitedly picked target image of a comparable size.