The aim of this research is to discuss about how the integration of technology, teaching method, and the teaching content that teacher should complete in teaching ICT material. The teaching method combination is used in this research. The sampling technique used is saturated sampling. This research is conducted to the ICT teacher at SMA in Kecamatan Pontianak Selatan with seven people. The instrument of this research is TPACK questionnaire and teacher interview guidelines. The data analysis is done first by using quantitative analysis, after that qualitative analysis is performed by using interactive mode technique. The result of the research shows the ability of the TIK teacher in applying TPACK with the high category. There are six component such as Technological Knowledge Profile (TK) for ICT subjects teacher in the high category, Content Knowledge Competence (CK) for ICT subject teacher in the high category, Pedagogical Knowledge Profile (PK) for TIK subject teacher in the high category, Pedagogical Content Knowledge Profile (PCK) for ICT subject teacher in high category, Technological Pedagogical Knowledge Profile (TPK) with the very high category, and Technological Content Knowledge Profile (TCK) with the high category.