The fifth generation (5G) wireless network technology is to be standardized by 2020, with the aim of improving its reliability, capacity and energy efficiency, on the other hand, the system is to be designed to reduce the latency for massive connection density.There are several technique available to improve the reliability, capacity and energy efficiency. However, the availability of techniques to reduce the latency using 5G core systems with Software Defined Networking (SDN) is not available in researches. In this paper, we propose a new network topology that utilizes SDN to support the core network in reducing the latency requirement in 5G systems. This intelligent SDNframework is used in 5G subsystems for transmitting and receiving purposes. The utilization of SDNframework ensures that better routing path for data transmission with shortest paths. This will pave the way for reduced latency in 5G systems with the use of an improved routing model with SDN framework. The average latency in the proposed method is reduced henceforth. The simulation reveals that the proposed method has reduced its average latency rate due to its effective processing of control and data associated with SDN.