The Pedagogical and Knowledge Method Analysis of Teacher's Teaching Materials in Teaching and Learning of Malay Literature is based on 3 objectives, firstly to identify the methods and practices in teaching and learning process of the Malay Literature. Secondly, analyzing the existing knowledge of students' needs in building the teaching and learning planning in Malay Literature and thirdly, to evaluate the teaching content in teaching and learning of the Malay Literature. This study uses a qualitative study method that is used by the study of various cases through the use of interviews, observations and analysis of documents as data collection techniques. The findings show that before starting the teaching and learning process, the teacher took note of the background of the student's needs by identifying the characteristics and feelings of students who did not show interest in Malay Literature subjects. For the purpose of teaching and learning planning in Malay Literature, the teacher emphasized the achievement of learning objectives, skills and values through various methods and learning activities. While looking at the teaching content, teachers link Malay Literature teaching and learning process with various fields of knowledge besides literature such as History, Language, and Science. Finally, profound knowledge of the content in Malay Literature subject can give students an easy understanding. The findings show that the various skills and knowledge in teaching and learning are used eclectically or merged ways to create effective teaching and learning segments. Awareness of how this knowledge and skill is applied is essential so that Malay Literature teachers can plan and implement the teaching and learning process with a more professional approach.