The concept of high-level thinking skills is explicitly stated in the curriculum in the Malaysian Secondary School Curriculum (KSSM) so that teachers can apply it to teaching and learning to stimulate students' thinking. In this study, applied thinking skills are high-level thinking skills. The objective of this study was to analyze the process of I-Think mapping and the level of bloom taxonomy during the application of writing skills for poems. The methodology used was a Qualitative Approach in which the study adopted document analysis and field studies through observation and interview methods. The instrument used in this study was the observation checklist instrument and the interview protocol. Data were analyzed based on instrumentation and descriptive analysis. The study participants consisted of six Chinese students. The location of the study was conducted in secondary schools in Perak. The findings show that I-Think mapping can be done by the participants during the thinking process of writing the nationalistic poems through at least two I-Think maps and the level of bloom taxonomy used was from the low (remembering and understanding) to the highest levels such as creation. The implications of this study through the teaching and learning of I-Think Mapping in the thinking skill of writing nationalistic poems have been able to help students think critically and creatively while maintaining the spirit of nationalism at the same time.