Creating and maintaining organizational excellence through proactive Talent Management is one of the important factors that must be implemented by organizations in facing global competition. The development of the internet, cellular technology, CDN business models and cloud computing, the role of application and marketing strategies, as well as communication and trade in the SMART economy in various respects, has driven the talent needs of experts in digital literacy. This also applies to the scope of SMEs in Indonesia and throughout the world. The existence of SMEs is a focus both by the central government and regional governments. Special attention to SMEs is inseparable from its role in developing the economy, employment and community welfare, the existence of SMEs has proven to be resistant to the crisis, both in the economic crisis that plagued Indonesia in 1998 and the global crisis in 2008.This research is intended to map Digital Talent in Small and Medium Enterprises in the City of Bandung based on their competence. The results of the mapping will be the basis for analyzing the availability of digital talent and formulating strategies for fulfilling talent in the SME scope. In addition, this research is useful to provide input for industry players and the city government of Bandung. Data collection techniques in the study used surveys and interviews with SME employees, business people and the city of Bandung.