The ubiquity of the computer science field has made of the computer an important tool for which knowledge and skills are required during studies and work as well. Knowing how to use computers is a necessity in all fields such as science, art, industry, commerce, etc.. Computer literacy is transforming every field, and no single field is unaffected by it. The question is how software tools can be used to enhance teaching and learning of digital literacy for young children and even adults? What are the ways that promote the full involvement and enjoyment of users currently under represented in many computer-related activities. The aim of this project is to develop a software that offers a support to computer literacy learners, particularly, children aged 7-12 years old. The proposed software "Computer Gate" for digital literacy will provide an easy and interactive learning that captures the attraction of the child and keep the user enjoying the learning process. This is accomplished through the extensive use of multimedia and creative tools. It will cover four main computer topics which are Computer Basics, Networking, Internet, and Multimedia