The civil defence emergency smart app had aim to help civilians and overcome all communication difficulties. The data was collected through interview and observations. The collected data was used in the design and implementation of CDE smart apps. There were two parties interacted with the system included the user (civilian) and admin (civil defence). Several website base requirement was considered such as dashboard with notification central, cloud base database to main the records of emergency and map integration on website to detect accident location. The relational database was designed first in order to design Android application and website. The conceptual design was divided into two parts such as data model and process model. The data model (database/GUI design) focused on the data storage in the database and process model (database/GUI implementation) deals on the data process. In future, the application is being developed will be implemented by using some programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL queries for database implementation. In additions, the system integration is being developed with civil defence system.