Mechanized auto parking framework could be utilized for private structures, inns, workplaces, strip mall and show rooms, colleges, government structures, airplane terminals, clinics, and stadium. The upsides of mechanized auto parking are effective use of spaces; diminishing the land space and expanding the quantity of stopped vehicles. In this work, a model of computerized auto parking framework to stop and recover autos consequently in simple and adequate way was fabricate. The philosophy that was utilized to accomplish the point of the undertaking was by making a model that uses NXT mechanical autonomy to assemble the computerized auto parking. NXT Robotics Kit was utilized to execute the forklifts to stop and recover the autos and used to fabricate the underground pile of beds at the carport and in addition the parking structure. The framework that were accomplished are the forward/in reverse and up/down developments to stop/recover autos from/to assigned spots, the up/down developments of the stack's beds. Additionally, extraordinary sorts of sensors were utilized to control the development. Besides, the framework's legitimacy was checked by testing part-by-part segments and additionally testing the entire framework.

 Keywords: Car park; automated; robotics; multilevel