The drowning is leading cause of injury-related death in children with most cases occurs in swimming pools. This experiment is designed to explore possibility of creating cost-efficient, accurate and reliable device that protect children from drowning and provided families with safety purpose. The proposed system was used passive ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID) that has emerged as promising solution for many industrial applications. The passive UHF RFID systems did not require internal power source to activate the tags and had efficient multitasking operations. The system was started with acquisition unite which passive UHF RFID tag was place in the children hand as bracelet. The passive UHF RFID reader had received signal within specific strength.  The reader signal strength was reflection of how children was closed to swimming pools. The system secondary unit was processing or controlling Arduino. The Arduino was activated warning unit through the relays. The system was worked once RFID tag in distance range up to 1 meter from the swimming pool.

 Keywords: Swimming Pool; Children; Drowning; RFID; Tag