Purpose – Women interest in logistics and transport is increasing, align with a research interest on gender inequality in logistics sector. This area is considered as understudied field by the scholars in the field of logistics and transport. Hence, this paper aims to discuss this issue by looking at the history of women study in logistics and transport, as well as examine the trend of past studies with regards to women in logistics and transport.

Design/methodology/approach – In this paper, the researcher conducts a bibliometric study on women in logistics and transport using Scopus Database. Five key terms has been used in searching activity namely “women in logistics”, “women in transport”, “women in aviation”, “women in rail” and “women in maritime”. The searching effort has been performed in December 2019. Specifically, the VOS viewer software and Harzing’s Publish or Perish software were utilised to conduct document analysis.

Findings – From the searching findings using scopus database, only 10 papers related to women in logistics and transport appeared. This finding shows serious dearth on the study related to women in logistics and transport. This reflect serious dearth on previous research examining women issue in logistics and transport sector. Specifically, it opens up new research opportunity for future scholars to investigate this issue mainly from aviation, maritime, rail perspective.

Research limitations/implications – Some documents published on the web or in paper form maybe missing. For this article, the analysis using bibliometric are largely depend on the choice of keywords and Scopus database only. Another selection finding using different keywords may lead to different results.

Originality/Value - This paper provides the basis for future researcher to focus on the issue of women in a context of logistics and transport. The small aggregate analysis from this study result to more divergence study needed in women and logistics discipline.


Keywords: Bibliometric, Women, Women in Logistics, Women in Transport, Women in Aviation , Women in Rail, Women in Maritime