This study discusses a preliminary analysis on Halal food supply chain issue in aviation context. It focuses on current issues related to the demand for Halal food in the airline industry for both domestic and international sectors. Even airline caterer is clearly believed in the importance of Halal caterings demand, but there is a little evidence or study that suggest further enhancement in this area. Even some airlines do gear their marketing campaigns on Halal food on board as a means that differentiate their service with other airline, however research into this area is still neglected. Halal airline catering or called as Halal in-flight meals become a big issue in Halal tourism and it has been addressed in the past literature. This paper aims to investigate the challenges of halal food supply chain from the airlines perspective and highlight some suggestion for future research. The facts and discussion that gathered in this study are solely based on past literature on the Halal food supply chain in the airlines. From the review, the researcher established four main issue that requires further examination in the future namely certification and logo, alcohol and contamination, lack of enforcement and lack knowledge and awareness. This paper is significantly important to the academic scholars to further developed this area of research. In fact, this study also would contribute to airlines practitioner, the tourism people and also regulatory body. Since this study is exploring the Halal in flight knowledge which then, in turn, awill help them to strategize their businesses and also perform more research in the area of Halal in-flight catering.

 Keywords: Airline Catering, In-flight meals, Halal, Halal food, Halal Aviation, Flight Kitchen