This work includes modeling for multilevel converter connected to induction motor for controlling speed by using LabVIEW. LabVIEW is strong graphical interface, flexibility of its programming language combined with built-in tools designed specifically for testing, measuring and controlling. MOSFET’s are used as power switches. Pulse width modulation techniques (PWM) are the most commonly used methods to control voltage, frequency of AC machines. This paper proposes a new switching scheme for cascaded single phase H-Bridge multilevel inverter. Gating signals are generated using NI My RIO along with driver circuit. The single phase induction motor speed is controlled by using v/f control method by varying the slider which is connected to myRIO. A hardware setup is also done partially by giving the gating pulses using NI My RIO to cascaded H-Bridge inverter. 

 Keywords: inverter, induction motor, multilevel inverter, LabView, MyRio