As the increase in the software technologies the latest application and models have been developed using the machine learning and the artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence can reduce the work of the people and it can perform the entire task instead of humans do. The AI can use the pattern recognition, natural language processing. In this paper they use the medical record of the patient in the artificial intelligence it can measures the large amount of data. It can reduce the human work. The machine language can extract the data and ID to help the people who observing the report manually. The NLP can extract the answer for the drugs and the antagonistic. The classification of the information may undergo two set of methodology casual sentence classification and non causal sentence classification. The casual sentence can show the connection between the drug and treatment. The identification of the drugs can be done in which the drug is compared with the medication present in the report. It can evaluate of about 0.93 and the review is nearly 0.76 when compared between the medication and the drug it comprises of about 5674 data in the dataset.