Advanced e-commerce shopping in China leads to strong commercial competitiveness of children’s luggage, Effective value chains can generate profits for companies, and hence they need to determine the value of children’s luggage to improve their competitive advantage. Kansei Engineering Type I is a popular technology that can determine a new product concept. Kansei words collection is a crucial operation of Kansei Engineering Type I. However, the existing models from previous research are unable to systematically collect the Kansei words of all products. Theoretically, Experience Map can be used to collect Kansei words. Therefore, this study was aimed to add knowledge of the way Kansei Words of children’s luggage can be collected by using Experience Map. A total of 186 Kansei words and 10 Kansei phrases of children’s luggage and 5 categories of children’s luggage value were identified. The results will be used to support Kansei Engineering Type I technology to determine the value of children’s luggage.