Organizations are these days finding employee retention as a huge challenge. Attrition is looked by pretty much every industry. Also, with data innovation whittling down is seen to be the greatest. The gifted and experienced employees leave the association in light of the compensation or pay, however there are various reasons which power the talented representatives to leave the association. It is significant for research to be done so as to investigate the individual and hierarchical components that truly comprise positive business relations, particularly taking into account the genuine cost suggestions and harming outcomes brought about by abilities misfortune through turnover. The business can possibly attempt to hold its employees if the purposes behind or the reasons for their turnover inclination are known. At exactly that point can associations appropriately adjust authoritative needs, qualities and practices with those of its representatives.It is important for research to be carried out in order to explore the individual and organisational factors that really constitute positive employment relations, especially in view of the serious cost implications and damaging consequences caused by skills loss through turnover. The employer can only been endeavour to retain their employees if the reasons for or the causes of their turnover propensity are quite known. Only then organisations can properly align towards organisational needs, values & practices with those of its employees. The aim of the research was to “investigate the role of psychological contract in turnover intention in the industry and to determine the outcomes thereof”.