Control and data planes have been separated in SDN technology and OpenFlow protocol supported routers/switches works as packet forwarding equipment in such network. Security monitoring, controlling and flow of data in network are the responsibilities of SDN controller. Initially, OpenFlow router/switch does not have any control & security polices and knowledge to deal with data packet generated by host for forwarding to its destination. In this condition, the first data packet of host is sent to SDN Controller by OpenFlow router/switch for checking, decision, generation of control packets for data packet and making flow entries in OpenFlow/SDN switch flow table for subsequent action on such type of data packets received from a host. These processes at SDN controller and SDN switch level are time intense and first data packet of a host always takes longer time to reach its destination. Here, we have proposed an SDN Controller with Instant Flow Entries (SDN-CIFE) to reduce the forwarding time period of first data packet of the host. This approach makes necessary flow entries in flow table of SDN switch before generation of actual traffic by the host. The approach is designed in python and experimented using mininet network emulator and RYU controller. SDN-CIFE test results have shown that first data packet processing time of a host is reduced more than 83%.