Based on long-term route landscape surveys and observations of the state of the landscape in different seasons of the year, we compiled a large-scale landscape map of the Zarafshan mountains and adjacent plains. In addition, we compiled a geomorphological map of the interfluves of Zarafshan and Kashkadarya. These maps, based on the materials of field work and the results of the analysis and synthesis of literature data, served as the basis for the compilation of a medium-scale landscape-typological map. A characteristic feature of the landscape of the Zarafshashan mountains and adjacent plains is that their development is closely connected to geographical position. According to zonal features, the landscape of the studied area is in the desert zone. The interfluves of Zarafshan and Kashkadarya, like the rest territory of southwestern Uzbekistan, is located in the southern latitudes, separately at a great distance from the oceans, and is located in the vast drainage of Aral-Caspian basin.